Wednesday, 5th October 2022

Zambia gears up for presidential elections

By France24
11 August 2021   |   9:17 am
As Zambia ramps up for general elections, incumbent leader Edgar Lungu inaugurates a gleaming new Chinese funded airport terminal. He will be facing rival Hakainde Hichilema who says Lungu has led the country into unsustainable debt. One of the missing Chibok girls reunites with her family after seven long years. And the winner of Burkina Faso's Olympic medal is given a hero's welcome as he returns home from Tokyo.


5 Jun 2019
The ultimate energy boost? Zambia bans drink containing Viagra.
8 Jun 2019
Zambia's largest copper mining operation, KCM, has been liquidated. Many are asking now if the country could repossess private mining operations in a bid to shore up financing amid rising debt levels.
13 Aug 2019
Governor El Rufai kicks against zoning ahead of 2023 presidential elections.
25 Sep 2019
When 26-year-old Buumba Malambo ran forward councilor in Zambia, she was harassed and even physically threatened. Although young women are increasingly rising through the ranks in business and politics across Africa, it's a different story for rural councils, where they are barely represented. Buumba hopes to inspire change.
10 Dec 2019
While Zambians remain heavily reliant on cash for transactions, the numbers are improving with new products being developed with the support of regulatory authorities. Tola Adebayo, Head of digital banking at UBA Zambia spoke to CNBC Africa on the cashless policy drive in Zambia.
22 Dec 2019
Algerians cast their votes at a polling station in Algiers in the presidential elections.
11 Jun 2020
Belarus is scheduled to hold presidential elections in August. As protests grow and unexpected candidates join the field, experts say President Alexander Lukashenko may be gearing up to use force.
4 Oct 2020
The sudden resignation of three ministers has revealed a deep split in interim President Jeanine Anez's administration. It is the latest crisis to rock her government before the country heads to the polls on October 18.
14 Jan 2021
Lupiya, a Zambia-based fintech startup, is a marketplace for microloans. Evelyn Kaingu speaks with Guardian TV about Lupiya's products and financial inclusion in Zambia.
9 Feb 2021
Zambia has been gearing up for talks with the IMF after becoming the first African nation to default on debt since the COVID-19 pandemic started. But analysts say an IMF loan is unlikely until after August elections.
29 Mar 2021
China's presence is visible all over Africa. But nowhere as much as in Zambia, the African nation where it invested the most money last year. The ties between Beijing and Lusaka are strong and have existed for decades. Today, China possesses one third of Zambia's national debt. It has invested in the mining and industrial sectors, but also in agriculture. Some Zambians denounce this Chinese presence as a form of neo-colonialism.
5 Jul 2021
African leaders and diplomats on Friday joined Zambia in mourning its founding president and liberation hero Kenneth Kaunda, who died last month aged 97 after a bout of pneumonia.