Saturday, 18th May 2024

South Africa: Zuma’s MK party surges amid ANC struggles

Will South Africa's ex-president Jacob Zuma run for president on behalf of a new political organization that he joined last year after denouncing the ruling African National Congress party that he once led?

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4 days ago
Lawyers take to the streets of Tunisia's capital, protesting the arrest of lawyer and TV pundit Sonia Dahmani, a known critic of President Kais Saied. Also, thousands of families have been displaced in Burundi after recent flooding caused by heavy rainfall. Finally we look at the upcoming South African elections where the uncompromising Patriotic Alliance party is looking to make a dent as it gains ground in Western Cape.
2 days ago
Rescue workers in Nairobi are searching for people trapped under a collapsed building undergoing demolition in Mathare, Kenya. Kenyan security agencies continue to demolish houses,near the banks of the Nairobi River, which were affected by floods that have wreaked havoc and so far killed at least 289 people since March in the country.
2 days ago
A 2024 Global Citizen Prize winner – Andrew Ddebme – spoke to FRANCE 24 about the joys of having his work recognised by the international organisation. Ddebme is the founder of MobiKlinic, a digital solution that has helped rural communities in Africa access better healthcare. Ddebme also told his own personal story that led him from the slums of Kampala to becoming an entrepreneur.
1 day ago
International groups have warned of ethnic cleansing and genocide in West Darfur, carried out by the Rapid Support Forces, a paramilitary group that's been at war with Sudan's government since April 2023.
1 day ago
Benin's position not to allow ships carrying Nigerien crude oil to enter the ports in Benin threatened the survival of Niger's military junta. More than 90,000 barrels of crude per day were earmarked for shipping to China through a pipeline that travels through Benin.
11 hours ago
In tonight's edition, Ousmane Sonko slams the French military presence in Senegal, saying that the foreign military bases are incompatible with the country's sovereignty.