Tuesday, 18th January 2022
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Drought devastates northern Kenya

2 million Kenyans face severe drought, with many at risk of starvation as a crippling drought stalks northern counties. Already many domestic livestock and wild animals have succumbed to thirst and hunger.


13 Nov 2018
California is battling the most destructive wildfires in the state's history that could potentially cause at least $19 billion in damages.
5 Apr 2019
Drought in Kenya leaves 1 million people short of food.
28 Apr 2019
Drought and storms are decimating Germany's forests, causing an estimated €2.5 billion in damage in 2018-2019. Some 160,000 football fields worth of forests will need to be replanted, the government has estimated.
4 Aug 2019
Climate change will hit Africa particularly hard, fueling drought, heat and crop failures. Researchers are working to prepare the west of the continent for this scenario — with help from Germany.
11 Nov 2019
In eastern Zimbabwe's parched Buhera district, Omega Kufakunesu's family has been forced to scale down daily meals to just a portion of vegetables and sadza, a thick maize-meal porridge. Zimbabwe is experiencing one of the worst droughts in history, blamed on the effects of the El Nino weather cycle.
16 Dec 2019
In South Africa's Eastern Cape province, no one can remember the last proper downpour. Some say it was five years ago, others six. Residents are relying on water distributions, with dramatic consequences for farmers, schoolchildren and traders. In Southern Africa as a whole, where temperatures are rising twice as fast as the rest of the world, people are experiencing the worst drought in thirty-five years, according to the UN.
5 Jul 2020
Volunteers from Berlin are helping the city's drought-stricken trees by arranging to water them regularly. Lukas Jülich and Sebastian Haße roam the German capital's streets armed with watering cans to take care of the trees, which since 2018 have been under threat from a lack of rainfall.
8 Aug 2020
The brown trout needs fast-flowing, oxygen-rich cool water to thrive - elements which are scarce in the drought-hit region of Belfort. To save the fish from certain death where the river is drying up, "fish rescues" are taking place.
30 Oct 2020
Ravaged by drought, the vast Jutucuma lake and its neighbouring Ticamaya in northern Honduras have completely disappeared. Local residents -- many of whom used to fish in the lakes and profit from tourism in the local area -- have now lost their livelihoods.
29 Oct 2020
Hundreds of Los Angeles Dodgers fans gather at Echo Park, near the iconic Dodgers Stadium, to celebrate their team's first Major League Baseball World Series title since 1988.
15 Jan 2021
Three consecutive years of drought and a sharp recession triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic will leave a third of the population in Southern Madagascar struggling to put food on the table. The U.N. World Food Programme says about 1.4 million people in the region will need food aid this year.
21 May 2021
Millions of Africans, who have received their first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine, have been left in limbo after shots made at the Serum Institute of India were redirected for domestic use.