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Buhari not ready to build a united Nigeria says, Senator Umeh.

By OakTV
24 Oct 2018   |   9:53 am   |   5m 15s
Buhari not ready to build a united Nigeria says, Senator Umeh.

  • Udoye adaobi lilian

    Service of Divine Right Commission:
    Using Divine Laws .

    Divine right commission service to nations from the family root through the church under divine law.
    Our first service is to better human beings not money.

    10% of all income are shared between the church ,orphanage ,beggars ,widows, hungry, needy.

    The Nine Department of Divine Right Commission

    1.Family root healing and community deliverance prayer:

    Family and community deliverance prayer for
    Breaking from tradition and custom compulsory prayer for every family both catholic and non catholic that want to be committed to catholicism

    2. All English speaking people :

    Racism has been a measure cause of black slavery
    When we all speak English nobody would be able to differentiate between a black from a white except for skin colours which by intermarriage can end

    3.One language:

    English was the language of the first missionaries that brought catholic faith to the world it invariable mean the choice of language of God is English so the world standard language shall be English for all.

    4.One currency:

    If America is the seat of Justice nation of God the dollar currency shall be the unit currency for all nation under the catholic authority to use as measure of exchange.
    The measure of worth of any nation is the religion they adopt and practice not the currency they use.
    Currency is worthless without a standard religion that measures the nations worth.


    Law profession begin in the catholic church yardstick for Justice using Divine Law of what is right or wrong before God.

    Any lawyer operating under any other law(human law ) is excommunicated from bar professional association.
    If Bar professional associated refuse use of divine laws they shall cease from operation.
    Catholicism lawyers are the only approved lawyers and judges.

    6.Personality investigation:

    Every public figure must find its root from the catholic church according to the standard measure of the church for public appearance to ensure what they feature,teach ,practice,live out represent what is pleasing in sight of God for his own be involved according the divine law demands .fashion police activated occasion determines outfit.
    Paparazzi mode activated for those who live out what teach using Divine laws.


    Every politician come from a family that come from a church hence all political parties must be form from members of the catholic church in Cmo, Cwo , Cyon to ensure the parties vision represent God’s vision as in divine laws vision of the church for the people to make their vote for candidate that represent exactly what God wants for the people most need at that very period of election.

    8.Marriage and counselling :

    Marriage unit health is important to success of a family.
    We remove all traces of injustice in marriage union form under Catholic faith for the happiness and health of all members of the family unit.

    Orphan are not just children whose parents,are no longer a life orphans are also children from broken families the parent can’t bear their responsibility toward both their spiritual and physical needs so to avoid injustice being done on them in their parents second marriage its in there best interest to be taken to orphanage.
    Anything placed in the hands of God doesn’t spoilt or get lost God can give them a better future than their broken hone parents can give them.

    9.Religion standard compliance unit:

    Compliance ensuring all companies business operating in a catholic practicing nation is operating in full compliance with the demand of the religion accepted by the nationals.

    Otherwise such company cease operation in the nation for lack of compliance. Our first service to better human beings not money.

    Example using human to be carrying goods around like slaves in heat of the sun.
    When they can sit in their air condition offices marketing teams can move around sharing flyers talking about their product to people who needs them can phone for supply rather than having humans hawking goods about on the road and street that is modern slavery
    Everyone deserve a healthy working condition.

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