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Being plus size and positive

By Guardian Exclusive
24 Dec 2017   |   9:00 am   |   5m 58s
The body positive movement not only works to make people have better attitudes towards their bodies, it also strives to make one positive and maintain a healthy lifestyle for oneself.

  • Omotunde

    I love this…am plus sized andi it is so comforting to hear from women who are so confident in themselves. Being plus sized is hard especially in this modern society where curves, even when celebrated are frowned on when perceived as in excess. So a plus sized girl deals with her self perception and those of others coupled with some jeers from members of the opposite sex such as name calling and pure verbal insult and annoying sexual innuendo..I think plus sized women should be celebrated, society should be encouraged to view us as not people who are lazy and gluttons but as people who refuse to be depressed and continue to carry on to becoming success stories…imagine plus sized models confidently strutting down the runway, plus sized business women confidently pitching their business ideas, plus sized housewives confidently balancing house chores and babies without feeling the strain…plus sized is beautiful, it is a freedom of choice, it is a movement!!!

  • Egedi Oluwatoyin

    I’m plus size but very confident. I don’t allow it deter me from being who I’m supposed to be or a barrier to achieving my goals and objectives. Plus size does not define who I am and will only be a stumbling block if I allow it be. I don’t need anyone to celebrate me because daily I’m in competition with no one else but myself! I’m big, bold and confident BBC

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