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Sri Lankan Mrs. World released on bail following chaos at Sri Lankan beauty pageant

By Reuters
09 April 2021   |   7:14 am
Sri Lankan Mrs. World released on bail following chaos at Sri Lankan beauty pageant


15 Dec 2019
People took to the streets in France for a second day of nationwide general strikes. Protests over Macron's pension proposals turned violent on Thursday with people starting fires and clashing with police.
29 Dec 2019
French travelers heading home for the holidays faced canceled trains and packed roads, as a strike over pension reform showed no signs of easing. Macron urged for a "truce" and for striking workers to act "responsibly."
25 Dec 2019
Hong Kong riot police and pro-democracy protesters battle at a major shopping district. The evening's unrest is the most sustained in what has otherwise been a few weeks of comparative calm for a city upended by more than six months of violent protests.
16 Feb 2020
Liberians have faced long queues at petrol pumps for nearly two weeks as sloppy bookkeeping and poor port infrastructure have triggered economically damaging fuel shortages.
27 May 2020
The resumption of domestic flights in India was marked by chaos as several flights were canceled without passengers being warned in advance. Regional rules also complicated the resumption of travel.
30 Jun 2020
60 years after independence, traces of the system of exploitation and violence that Leopold II and colonial-era Belgium created still remain in DR Congo. The propensity for violence is inherited, experts say.
13 Oct 2020
The Indian financial hub of Mumbai was hit by a widespread power outage on Monday that halted train services and caused disruptions for millions of people. ... It was the city's first such blackout in more than two years.
21 Oct 2020
Protests that began about two weeks ago over abuses by the police's loathed Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) have spiralled dramatically with violence reported in several cities.
22 Nov 2020
Lebanese couture is revered around the world for its flamboyance and artistry, with collections destined for clients based in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and the US. But in recent months, a crippling economic crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic and of course August's catastrophic Beirut port explosion have threatened the industry like never before. Some of the biggest names in Beirut fashion, including the likes of Elie Saab and Tony Ward, spoke to FRANCE 24 about their experience of the past few months.
25 Dec 2020
The EU's transport commissioner has said she "deplores" Paris' decision to ban freight arrivals from the UK due to the new coronavirus variant. Truck drivers say huge queues at the Port of Dover are barely moving.
26 Dec 2020
Thousands of truck drivers remain stuck in southeastern England waiting to cross the English Channel to France. Although the border has been reopened, the backlog is expected to last several days.
26 Feb 2021
Anastasia Demetriadou became an inadvertent symbol of protests in Cyprus after she was hit in the face by a water cannon at a demonstration on February 13, leaving the 25-year-old facing emergency surgery to save her left eye. Thousands have staged demonstrations on the holiday island in recent weeks, angered by months of lockdown, economic woes and a string of corruption scandals.