Sunday, 25th February 2024

British Vogue editor Edward Enninful celebrates women and inclusivity on his last ever cover

By France24
10 February 2024   |   1:53 pm
We look at reactions from the conservative US papers over a special report that raises questions about Joe Biden's “mental acuity” after a series of memory lapses. We also look at reactions after Volodymyr Zelensky's military shakeup, including the departure of his popular Army Chief Valery Zaluzhny.


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27 Jan
They are barred from education beyond sixth grade, including university, public spaces like parks, and most jobs. They must take a male chaperone with them on journeys of more than 72 kilometers (45 miles) and follow a dress code.
28 Jan
From striped tops, to berets, to ballerina flats, this week on French Connections we discuss which clothes are iconically French. We dive into the history of some of these sartorial splendours, as well as the French origins of the word fashion. We also look to the future and explore what the French school uniform could look like.
28 Jan
The need to rethink our history or her-story, rather. Annette Young talks to journalist and author, Annabelle Hirsch, who has corrected our not-so-perfect 20/20 rear vision by writing a book entitled "A History of Women in 101 Objects."
4 Feb
Haute couture represents the apotheosis of fashion. Thousands of hours of work can go into a single item, destined to be worn just once. Couture offers a window into a multi-billion-euro industry.
8 Feb
Victoria Beckham has joined forces with Breitling to launch a new watch collection.
14 Feb
Infertility affects one in six women in Germany. However, access to reproductive medicine is not available to all. The center-left government has said it wants to change the law, but experts are not optimistic.