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Sophie Kinsella: Queen of chick lit puts shopping aside

By France24
11 July 2019   |   10:33 am
Sophie Kinsella: Queen of chick lit puts shopping aside


18 Jun 2017
Explosion in Bogota shopping center leaves at least 1 dead, 11 injured.
18 Jun 2017
Three women were killed and nine wounded after an explosive device detonated in a restroom in a busy upscale shopping center in Colombia's capital on Saturday.
24 Sep 2017
At least 20 protesters were arrested after they marched through an upscale shopping mall in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday, during demonstrations against the acquittal of a white police officer in the fatal shooting of a black man.
24 Dec 2017
With Christmas less than a day away, the holiday shopping season is coming to an end, but thanks to a strong start, research groups are expecting retailers to end on a high note.
24 Dec 2017
Fire breaks out in Philippines mall, people try to escape flames and smoke.
26 Mar 2018
At least 64 people are dead after a fire broke out in a shopping mall in the city of Kemerovo, Russia, about 3,600 kilometres east of Moscow, according to officials.
28 Mar 2019
There is a new shopping tab on Instagram's explore page called the 'Checkout' option. The 'Checkout' option will allow users to store credit card information on their Instagram account and buy things much faster than before.
11 Jul 2019
Sophie Kinsella: Queen of chick lit puts shopping aside
21 Nov 2019
Details are sketchy but we can confirm that the inferno started from the top floor of the one storey building.
16 Dec 2019
Online shopping is an increasingly popular option in rural Africa for those who wish to avoid a very long trip to the nearest store. The e-commerce sector has great potential in Africa but has many hurdles to overcome.
20 Apr 2020
In this week's French Connections show, Florence Villeminot and Genie Godula explore how the French are adapting to life in a time of confinement. France has already been under strict lockdown for a month, with the measures now extended to May 11. One of the few reasons people are allowed to go out is to go shopping for essential goods. So what counts as an "essential good" and what shops are open? And in a country so famous for food and gastronomy, what are people cooking? We tell you more.
15 Nov 2020
Delivery workers rush to sort out packages and deliver to Chinese households ahead of the annual “Single's Day” online shopping festival. The event occurs on November 11, and is considered the world's biggest shopping day and a bellwether of consumer sentiment in the world's second-largest economy.