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Cameron to Queen: U.K about to welcome some ‘fantastically corrupt’ countries

By Reuters
10 May 2016   |   4:23 pm   |   0m 38s
British Prime Minister David Cameron describes some countries taking part in an upcoming anti-corruption summit as 'fantastically corrupt' in remarks to the Queen.

  • Daniel

    Just imagine the mockery!

    • Edhighere Mena Princewill

      And one of them said “they are all coming at their expense” yet Buhari won’t sit his ass down and work, travelling to places that makes mockery of his stupidity

      • Daniel

        Colonial mentality. The Fulani inherited Nigeria from the British colonialists, they claim.

        Nigeria has never been so mocked.

      • swash

        Thank you. exactly. That statement says it all . Some of them use words like ‘ mentally backward’, educated morons in flowing gowns to describe our perception about international relations. It’s just because we have no vivid insights into world war 2 and transatlantic slave trade. it’s only a layman that would think these former empires crave for third World autonomy. We can only attain regional success if we address our problems inwardly and with loyalty. They can’t do this for us.

    • swash

      Thank you very much. This private conversation shows that the PM is double faced. Let us be frank with ourselves, how can such summit curb corruption in each territorial state? Corruption can only be tackled internally once we instil the virtue ethics in our hearts and exhibit them in our character and duties. It is always an advantage for our colonial empires to see their former colonies remain extremely corrupt because they will never be able to fully exploit our resources. How for instance, will the UK make so much from education if Nigeria addresses it’s vices? Also, how will they be able to make so much profits from the diesel generators we buy from them? Watching this video, one can deduce that Cameron does not wish Nigeria to be as independent as China. He is a gossiper who pretends to have sincere passion for global equality and sound humanitarianism. This is a big lesson for Buhari. Reduce your travel trips. Ha!

      • Daniel

        But I am more appalled by Buhari’s response.

        He says he needs no apology, but loot be repartriated.

        An apology is needed. And that does no take away the moral and legitimate demand for looted funds.

        Not all Nigerians are corrupt and we are a sovereign nation.

        Buhari needs sound advice in all areas of leadership.

  • Musa Muhammed

    Shame to you PMB.. sell yourself very well. Chai! A fool at 80s is a fool to his grave. Nonsense

  • Lawrence

    My question to you guys is, is Nigeria leaders not corrupt? So why are some hypocrites denying the facts that the whole world already know. I expect Nigerians to focus their energy in fighting corruption. In order to regain integrity. You didn’t hear the part where someone mentioned to the Queen that this current President is not Corrupt. You think they don’t know how corrupt are leaders are. I do research, project monitoring and evaluation with these foreigners, they have information and facts more than us about our government. Is PMB the reason why we are corrupt.

    • swash

      But are we not saving stolen public funds in their country? If they could run security checks on foreign students’ accounts. Why do they permit our own public officials to buy luxuries in their country. You hear these assets bought in millions of pounds. I could recollect how South Africa tracked and exposed the carriers of our stolen funds sent to purchase illegal weapons in SA. If truly they love us as they claim publicly., why condone their lavish spending and keep shouting that third world countries need reforms and should end corruption. If you watch that video very well,it looks like they are just organising that summit because they have to as a global figure, not with sincerity. Note that the other man said sarcastically ‘ they are coming at their own expanse’. Please why do we attend schools if we still cannot in this era, see that foreign dependency if not properly utilise will yield no desirable outcome. Let us use the aids they give us as indemnification for the atrocities their ancestors committed in our original native lands- to rebuild our regions with bravery. Ethiopia is a typical example. Same as China. If we keep thinking the west want our progress and thus, should dictate for us, we are just wasting our time . In fact I wonder why my people even think they are our true guardians for political correctness. In their schools, we excel astonishingly so why can’t we just come together as one nation to regain our lost glory?

  • malik

    Buhari can only fool the narrow minded Nigerians but he can’t fool the international community because they know that he is fighting his enemies not corruption. The reason they ask him to come to UK is to educate him on how to fight corruption.
    Buhari government is no different from the previous government because he is also aiding his friends that are looters from the law and the white people knows this I am ashamed of him too old for this.

  • Marshal Johnson

    Nigerian leaders INCLUDING BUHARI are very corrupt.
    Buhari’s style is to pretend and use his wife to cover up his own corrupt practices.

    Cameron was 100% correct.
    So, why the fuss because he spoke the naked truth?

  • Mizch

    Britain is the reason why Nigeria is corrupt. The Amalgamation was a geographical contraption (Soyinka). Britain should help to DIS-AMALGAMATE NIGERIA so corruption can go down. The Notherners, believing that they are born to rule, have produced vampires of Nigerians commonwealth. Check on them: Umaru Dikko under President Shagari, overthrown by PMB for corruption, PMB overthrown by IBB for corruption, IBB who stepped aside; Abacha who was eating cash not food; and the later day Dasukis, Billions! Billions!! Billions!!! All we hear. And none is in prison.

    • Adebiyi Olufemi Olukayode

      Well… apparently when the northerners go… puff!!! The southerners who are zero percent corrupt will take over and things will be right? Your selective myopia is really not helping, hope you don’t apply it to real life issues

      • Mizch

        Speaking for Britain or for those born to rule and ruin Nigeria? Kudos!

  • Tru

    Despite all the negativity of some Nigerians who want the status quo maintained because of their selfish, tribal or parochial reason, the govt of PMB is marching forward in exposing the evil people who brought this country to its knees via massive corruption.

    Kudos to PMB. Posterity will judge him as a brave person who tried his best wrt restoring the dignity of Nigerians.

  • adolphus uchenabo

    Just imagine, Buhari jetting off to London to tete-a-tete on corruption? Nawaoo!

  • Mohd Sageer

    It it very stunning to hear that although they think Nigeria and Afghanistan are the most corrupt countries in the world but agreed that Buhari is not corrupt. Yet some useless illiterates, hunger stricken tribal and ethnic bigots are busy defending corrupt people all because of ethnic or sectional sentiment.

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