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N25.7Bn disappeared under Buhari’s watch as PTF Chairman – Femi Aribisala

By Channels TV
07 Jul 2016   |   5:00 am   |   1m 26s

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Aribisala is an incurable dissenter and serial failure. He was kicked out of NIIA because he disrespected authorities; he’s a false prophet who proselytes a “Boko Haramic genre” of the gospel and bitter because Jonathan lost. He will stop at nothing to make outlandish claims about Buhari but Nigerians should disregard his spurious propaganda of high-nuisance value.

    • JAMJOB44

      Which planet are you from this moron? Truth is glaring.. And darkness will never cover light.. Abacha never steal.. Which money are they recovery and from who?

    • tsunami1earthquake

      Why don’t you use your brains for once? Must your support for someone becloud your sense of reasoning? It is okay for you to support Buhari but it is not okay for you to come and begin to pour venom on dissenting arguments backed by evidence.

    • frforka

      No! It is not true. Aribisala is a courageous man who has been able to say the truth many avoid. His is not making outlandish claims. He is paying homage to history and palpable facts. And you know, history does not forgive. Read Wole Soyinka’s The Open Sore of he Continent and you will know the truth about the integrity of your ‘holier than thou’ president..

    • bisi kuku

      but its true, isn’t it, this is a public knowledge, should we sweep truth under the table because we want change!

    • larr

      You have been hurt by the truth. You cannot prove Aribisala wrong therefore you have to attack him senselessly and personally. What Aribisala has said are direct quotations from your certificate forger, liar and camel rearer turned president. You are gullible, continue to dwell in ignorance. Nigre!

      • Adedayo

        You spoke my mind, larr.

    • Mikeal Darly

      If you feel his claim is outlandish, disprove it and show how he is wrong, everything he has said is public knowledge so how is he outlandish or you think that throwing grammar, bravado and intimidation can make facts of history to suddenly disappear.

    • Ngo_Zib1

      “Boko Haramic genre”? How about this “stop killing my people” M Buhari to GEJ when Boko Haram was attacked.

    • Jaja Majaja

      Nigerians should also disregard your spurious propaganda of high-nuisance value against GEJ. What is good for the geese is also good for the gander.

  • Engr. Lawal Audi


    • bisi kuku

      but its true!

    • Mikeal Darly

      Can you define rubbish and why you feel this is rubbish. Prove him wrong if you think so.

      • Kazy Waziri

        the truth is always bitter…..but you don’t have to be bitter, when someone is wrong criticise him. constructive criticism is what brings positive governance, if money was loss under his control he must be answerable to it…

  • Iskacountryman

    i see a dss visit n his future…

    • Mikeal Darly

      People who believe in intimidation and force instead of logic and reasoning will fall by their own swords.

      • Iskacountryman

        until they do…beware of the sword…

  • Mikeal Darly

    Every reasonable Nigerian knows that Buharis’s gallery plays about fighting corruption has been a farce from the beginning.

  • Olubukanla Okusanya

    Show me, prove it. In this case, I am a doubting Thomas. So many of his colleagues have said nice things about his honesty. Even if money was lost under his watch, was it traced to him directly or indirectly? Do not give a dog a bad name so as to terminate it.

    • aerekosima

      Ask buhari to sue him for libel.

    • lateefat

      They are digging through your life as we speak to thro something up for you Aribisala Man. Yoe see many stay mum even when they all know Buhari is never a saint but just good at it not to get caught. He is not fooling many of us. He’s been feeding on the Nigerian system since many years exit from the Military. Honesty my foot. He should quit fronting. He is as much thief as Abacha just ak Dasuki. All of them are criminals including the one that cried more than the berieved. What happened to all the amount that has been collected? Shouldn’t that be enough instead the systemic burrow spree he’s embarked on..

    • FrankNero ФРАНКЛИНУ Ufomadu

      All the while you have been insulting GEJ and accusing him and calling him all sort of names….have you traced any money to him?
      Have you asked APC to prove it?
      You are nothing but a hypocrite and evil supporter.
      I am sure you are from that N25.7 billion yam.

      • Jaja Majaja

        Nice way you replied that hypocrite above.Nice one

    • nuelsymbol

      Mr.Okusanya , well stated.

      • Jaja Majaja

        Hypocritically stated you mean.

        • nuelsymbol

          Mr.Jaja , no mincing words.

  • joe-t

    Anybody can say anything,proof is all that matters.

  • BAKO

    When OBJ hoping to find something to nail Buhari, consitituted a panel to probe PTF, Buhari was his strongest political opponent being a presidential aspirant. The same panel submitted a report that found nothing against Buhari but false speculations

    • nuelsymbol

      Thank you .God bless you.

  • Flash

    Any time I learn of any utterance or writing by Aribisala I always go for it for amusement. He just told us that David did not killed Goliath on his religious writings and that Apostle Paul is anti-christ. Who will not like to seat back and be entertained by such a man. The only fear is that some of his outlandish claims may undermine our collective interest.

  • nuelsymbol

    We know where Mr.Aribisala belong to.We know he has been restless since the President comes on board. He should take his complaint to Court . He should stop ranting in the News Media .

  • Olubukanla Okusanya

    Interesting discussion so far. All I am waiting for is proof. If Obasanjo investigated NNPC then let him publish the report or weigh in on this discussion. In any case, Buhari will not be in government forever, when he leaves someone else will probe him and we shall get to know the truth. But meanwhile, I still trust him until proven otherwise. Who would have thought all these revelations about Jonathan’s time would have been possible in Nigeria?

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