Young Author Receives Commendation

Pastor Kennedy Uzoma received commendations from friends and well-wishers, who gathered to rejoice with him at the unveiling of his first book God’s Image Manifests. The event took place two weeks ago at The Redeemed Evangelical Ministry (TREM) Centre, Ketu, Lagos.

Though Uzoma has a Diploma in Theology, writing the book was response to heeding God’s instruction. According to him, “I was inspired by the holy spirit to do this work. God’s Image Manifests is about God and his purpose for creating mankind, the kingdom dynamics for which man was actually created, the God-imbedded ability, the splendor and all the attributes of God that is in man and the expectations for which most men are not living up to”.

Uzoma said his book is a timely intervention, which would help man rediscover God’s purpose for his life, adding, “It will help man realise God by himself and not just pursue shadows”.

Chairman of the event Rev. Obinna Egbuonu praised Uzoma for taking the bold step of venturing into writing which many people would not want to do. “I think it’s quite encouraging seeing a young man threading a path that only the brave and the bold would venture into,” he said.

Egbuonu advised youths to follow Uzoma’s footsteps instead of getting involved with all the vices in the society, and added, “They should get themselves creatively engaged in things that will help to better the society, like writing”.

Pastor Ibe Kemakelam who reviewed the book said it’s an inspiration to the younger people who need to be redirected to channel their energy to doing positive things that would bring change and development to the country. According to him, “The level of occultism in the country is getting rampant, hence the need to check our youths. The book is about the manifestation of the word of God upon his children, and it is for everyone who wants to know God’s purpose for their lives”.

A poet simply known as Dare said, “Uzoma has not come to contend with anybody, but to show that he has true knowledge of the word of God by giving a clear picture of the image of God”.

Others who spoke commended Uzoma for writing an inspiring, motivating and encouraging book. There were poetry recitations, praise and worship session and a musical rendition by Moses Austin.

In his remarks, Uzoma noted, “It took me seven years to get this work done, and my greatest excitement is that it is done, and I pray that this book transforms lives”.

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