Saturday, 24th February 2024


1 day ago
Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre spoke to FRANCE 24 about the war in Ukraine ahead of the second anniversary this week of Russia's full-scale invasion. The conflict has prompted senior Scandinavian defence officials to warn about the heightened threat of war with Russia; while Norway is a founding member of NATO, Finland joined the alliance just last year while Sweden is in the process of doing so.
6 Feb
Almost two years on from Russia's invasion of Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of men have already been called up to fight and a new mobilisation bill is due to be debated by parliament this week. According to Anna Colin Lebedev, a senior lecturer at Paris Nanterre University and specialist in contemporary Ukrainian history, one of the major questions facing Ukrainian society today lies in the mechanics of the draft.
21 Jan
North Korea's regime is once again ratcheting up its war rhetoric against South Korea and the US. This time, however, some analysts warn the threat goes beyond the usual bluster from Kim Jong Un.
21 Jan
Ukraine claims it shot down a Russian A-50 reconnaissance aircraft. Analysts tell DW the weapons it could have used and lay out potential military consequences for Kyiv and Moscow if the claim is accurate.
20 Jan
Besides people, Ukraine's cultural heritage has also been a major casualty of the war. A German photo project is documenting destroyed and endangered buildings in a race against time.
16 Jan
Simon Shuster, a senior correspondent at Time Magazine, has spent the past few years tracking and following the inner workings of Zelensky and his entourage. Shuster believes Ukraine is doing all it can to continue to fight the Russian forces, even if Western aid begins to dry up. He joined us for Perspective.
13 Jan
Ecuadorian president Daniel Noboa says his country is 'at war' with drug gangs who are holding over 130 prison guards hostage amid an outburst of violence. Noboa intends to build new prisons and deport foreign prisoners.
13 Jan
The respected author of a new book on Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has told FRANCE 24 that he sees no peaceful solution to the conflict. Nicolas Tenzer is a non-resident senior fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis and Chairman of the Center for Studies and Research on Political Decision.
30 Dec
From an initial pledge of 5,000 helmets for Ukrainian troops following Russia's full-scale invasion, Germany is now delivering cutting-edge military technology — and will likely keep doing so in the new year.
28 Dec
The war between Israel and Hamas has radically changed the political landscape in the Middle East this year. For now, further Arab-Israeli rapprochements are on hold.
24 Dec
Germany unconditionally supports Israel's war on Hamas in Gaza, and that does not sit well with country's Palestinian community, which is Europe's largest. In the capital Berlin, artists and activists are making themselves heard, showing solidarity with Gazans being killed in Israeli air strikes.
21 Dec
In East Jerusalem, tensions between Israeli settlers and the Palestinians they are trying to dislodge have been rising in the context of the war in Gaza. Our reporters visited the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and the Old City, which are symbolic of what Palestinians say is a wider effort to remove them from East Jerusalem and dash hopes of a future Palestinian state.


24 mins ago
Germany's reliance on exports made it particularly vulnerable to changes in global trade patterns, he said, and the broader structural problem for the German economy was its lack of workers. Without migrant workers Germany's economy would collapse, Mr Habeck said.
24 mins ago
Yulia Navalnaya, widow of Alexei Navalny, seeks more EU support in Brussels, which has swiftly condemned and sanctioned Russia following Navalny's death. He was widely regarded as Putin's most influential opponent.
1 hour ago
Russians shouldn’t lose hope, says Dmitry Gudkov, they should feel rage. The opposition politician and former State Duma Deputy, who was a companion of Alexei Navalny spoke to DW about the death of Putin’s greatest critic.
1 hour ago
Ukrainian refugees are finding work in Croatia's hospitality industry. After the coronavirus pandemic, hotels in the popular holiday destination are struggling to find staff.
2 hours ago
Indian farmers atop agricultural machinery have resumed their march toward the capital, New Delhi, amid a stalemate with the government on guaranteed prices for their produce.
4 hours ago
Fierce battles between Congolese troops and the M23 rebels in eastern DR Congo have intensified regional tensions. Experts say it points to worsening relations between Kigali and Kinshasa.