Monday, 11th December 2023


5 Nov
Antisemitism campaigners in Germany hope a new reporting system will help combat anti-Jewish incidents in sport and discourage the culprits.
2 Nov
As Israel wages war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the deadly October 7 attacks, traumatised Israelis have ostensibly put their differences aside and rallied behind the government. But with Israeli air strikes killing civilians in Gaza and hundreds of hostages still being held by Hamas, Israeli society is more divided than ever on strategy.
5 Oct
Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke of a "confident" Germany while commemorating reunification. Other leaders discussed the challenges the country is still facing 33 years on.
2 Jan
It has been a turbulent year for Germany's government — and 2023 promises to be just as nerve-wracking. DW examines the biggest challenges facing German politicians in the new year.


1 hour ago
The leader of Tibet’s exiled government accuses Chinese authorities of imposing monoculturalism on Tibetans, eradicating ethnic identities and suppressing political activities.
1 hour ago
Russia's Federal Security Service was behind "unsuccessful attempts to interfere in UK political processes," the British government says. UK officials summoned the Russian ambassador and sanctioned two Russian agents.
4 hours ago
Is the Spotify model a successful one? The streaming platform launched in 2008 is the leader in its field, on par with what radio and CDs used to represent in the sense that it's become the most convenient way for people to consume music and other audio content.
4 hours ago
A Taiwanese rock band denies lip-synching at a concert in China, an offence that could see it pay a fine or even be banned in the country. We speak to Beijing-based journalist Fabian Kretschmer.
9 hours ago
Living in FESTAC Town from its construction in 1977 until the early 1990s was the aspiration of many progressive families. Today, FESTAC Town is a mere shadow of its former glory, and the roads are in urgent need of repair.
9 hours ago
Kenya's President William Ruto is promoting the East African nation as a green energy champion but the country has a way to go.