Friday, 23rd February 2024


3 days ago
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will chair the two-day event aimed at aiding Afghan society. The prospects of progress remain uncertain as the ruling Taliban have boycotted over fear of criticism of its rule.
10 Feb
UNICEF warned that tens of thousands of malnourished children could die without enough aid. The country has been locked in a vicious conflict for 10 months.
9 Feb
The UN appealed for $4.1 billion to meet the “most urgent humanitarian needs” amidst “epic suffering” in Sudan, adding that half of its population - some 25 million people need support and protection, with millions hungry and displaced by the war.
3 Feb
The UN's rapporteur for freedom of expression has also described the so-called "red-tagging" of government critics and called for the abolition of an anti-communism task force.
3 Feb
To promote the elimination of female genital mutilation, coordinated and systematic efforts are needed, and they must engage whole communities and focus on human rights, gender equality, sexual education and attention to the needs of women and girls who suffer from its consequences.
30 Dec
Sigrid Kaag, a former Dutch lawmaker, is taking on an immensely challenging job: ensuring international humanitarian aid reaches the people of Gaza as fast as possible.
17 Dec
Criticism of Israel's ground offensive in Gaza is growing. The army says it is trying to protect civilians, but UN agencies warn the measures have been insufficient and warn of a "humanitarian catastrophe."
12 Dec
The United Nations humanitarian agency has said it is facing shortfalls in funding at the same time it is dealing with a string of crises.
10 Dec
26 Nov
Myanmar's western Rakhine state has been the site of new clashes between the Arakan Army militia group and the junta, which overthrew the civilian government early in 2021. Fighting was also reported in Chin state.
23 Nov
The United Nations adopts an Olympic Truce Resolution ahead of the Paris 2024 Games as tensions simmer over conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine.
18 Nov
Floods, droughts and other extreme weather events have contributed to millions of children lacking access to basic water services, according to the latest report by UNICEF.


5 hours ago
Beijing sees Taiwan as its own territory, and has openly threatened to take it by force. Washington is the island's biggest arms supplier, but Taiwanese authorities are also keen to show what they might do to defend themselves.
5 hours ago
Poland’s top diplomat, Radek Sikorski, says Alexei Navalny's death shows Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin will stop at nothing. Speaking to DW at the Munich Security Conference, he also voiced the opinion that alliances are still vital to US interests, despite remarks by former US President Donald Trump, the front-runner as Republican presidential candidate, that seemed to call NATO into question.
6 hours ago
The aim of Nigerian artist Boloebi Okah and his Bushman collective is to transform grey walls into works of art that speak about the community and the local culture.
6 hours ago
One of the standout features of TikTok's algorithm is its emphasis on content relevance over creator popularity. This means that even if you're new to TikTok, your content can still get significant visibility if it resonates with users.
7 hours ago
Fifteen candidates in Senegal's delayed presidential election are urging President Macky Sall to quickly establish a new poll date. Meanwhile, more political prisoners are released. Also, Tunisia experiments with old wheat varieties in order to adapt to drought caused by climate change.
7 hours ago
California-based chipmaker Nvidia showed with its latest earnings call that there is still room to grow, with revenue for the last quarter of 2023 surging 265 percent over the year to $22 billion and forecast to keep rising. In this edition of Business Daily, we take a look what Nvidia's success has been built on, and the potential challenges it could face moving forward.