Sunday, 25th February 2024


15 Feb
It is the latest arrest in a major crackdown following a deadly IS attack on a Catholic church in Istanbul last month. The suspect has been detained and is awaiting trial.
9 Feb
For this final edition of Middle East Matters, we bring you a series of reports from our correspondents in the region. We begin in Israel, where as the war in Gaza drags on, divisions in Israeli society are growing more stark.
27 Jan
The astronauts will spend two weeks aboard the International Space Station to study the effects of microgravity on the human body, among other things. The mission was launched commercially by Axiom Space.
15 Jan
Almost a year has passed since the deadly earthquake that hit southern Turkey and northwestern Syria. The official death toll stands at over 50,000, but many victims are still missing, presumed dead. Their families often still don't know what happened to them or where they are buried, making the grieving process even more difficult.
25 Dec
Lax laws on money laundering, easy access to citizenship, insufficient prosecution — Turkey has grown more attractive for international criminal networks. In response, the new interior minister has declared a crackdown.
12 Dec
The president of Super Lig club Ankaragucu punched a referee in the face in what officials have called a "vile, inhumane" attack.
7 Dec
With Turkey in the grip of inflation rates running at over 40%, a high not seen in decades, soaring prices are one of the main issues in the presidential and parliamentary elections on May 14. Some of the most severe impacts of the crisis have been felt by businesses and people alike in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city and the country's economic heart.
29 Oct
As the conflict between Israel and Hamas escalates, Turkey is witnessing a troubling increase in antisemitic sentiment, exacerbated mainly by media coverage and political discourse.
26 Oct
The Turkish parliament will take up Sweden's NATO bid, bringing the Nordic nation a step closer to joining the military alliance.
8 Oct
Turkish security forces detained nearly 90 people across the country overnight over suspected links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), the Interior Ministry said on Tuesday, two days after a bomb attack in Ankara claimed by the militant group.
1 Oct
Turkish media cited the interior minister as saying two "terrorists" blew up a car outside the ministry's gate. Gunshots were also reportedly heard in the area after the blast.
27 Sep
Officials deny it but a DW investigation has found that the rubble from Tukey's devastating February earthquake contains life-threatening amounts of asbestos. The southern city of Hatay now faces a new health crisis.


31 mins ago
Lina Soualem’s latest film looks back at four generations of Palestinian women, with her mother, actress Hiam Abbass, serving as a guide to their family history.
31 mins ago
More and more aid programs for Syria's northwest are being reduced or discontinued. This exacerbates the situation of millions in the refugee camps.
1 hour ago
The UN's rapporteur for freedom of expression has asked Philippine authorities to review the cases of journalists detained in the Southeast Asian country.
1 hour ago
Two years after Russia's full-scale invasion began, around a fifth of Ukrainian territory remains under Russian occupation – a repressive regime where arbitrary detentions, beatings and torture are the norm.
2 hours ago
Readers beware: Digital books save forests but also create toxic e-waste. Paper, meanwhile, is a renewable resource, though billions of hard copy books produce a high carbon footprint.
2 hours ago
Farmers in India say they feel cheated by the government after waiting years for their demands on minimum pricing to be met. They are once again faced with barricades and tear gas as they try to reach New Delhi.