Saturday, 9th December 2023

terror attack

26 Oct
A man previously sentenced for being a member of the so-called "Islamic State" has been arrested. According to prosecutors, he allegedly planned to carry out an Islamist-motivated attack on a pro-Israel demonstration.
16 Oct
A crackdown on cryptocurrency accounts linked to Hamas has reignited scrutiny of digital assets after the terrorist group attacked Israel. Criminal and terrorist organizations use crypto to bypass laws and sanctions.
10 Oct
Traditionally, Moscow enjoys good relations with Israelis and Palestinians. The foreign ministry has condemned the escalation of violence in the Middle East, which pro-Kremlin observers are blaming on the West.


34 mins ago
After the military burned down their village, one community describe their efforts to survive in a diplaced person's camp on the fringes of the jungle in the Sagaing region.
34 mins ago
A German man was killed in a suspected terror attack in central Paris on Saturday. The German investigation will coincide with a probe by French anti-terror prosecutors.
34 mins ago
Singer-songwriter India Naia is of German-Algerian heritage and spent some of her childhood in France before moving to Florida, where she grew up listening to the "crème de la crème" of hip-hop and R'n'B. Several years ago she moved to Paris, where she began writing music. She popped by Arts 24 to tell Marjorie Hache about her debut EP "Globe".
1 hour ago
With COVID-19 infection rates rising, Germany's health minister has encouraged vulnerable individuals to take advantage of newly-adapted vaccinations.
1 hour ago
Even though streaming is reducing the number of people watching films via DVD or CD, movie piracy continues to be a huge problem for the Nigerian movie industry. According to the World Bank, for every legitimate copy of a Nigerian film sold, nine others are pirated. This business is particularly lucrative for young people. But who are these movie pirates and how does the industry reacts to them?
1 hour ago
Thousands of people have been evacuated from coastal communities as two southern states brace for the impact. Floods have caused chaos in Chennai.