Wednesday, 28th February 2024

tentative deal

31 Oct
The largest US auto workers union and carmaker Ford have agreed to terms on a new contract that will see a 25 percent wage increase over four years. This means picketers will return to work at Ford's plants, but strikes at General Motors and Stellantis will continue. Also in this edition, we see how ad sales have boosted Meta's revenue and how the "Barbie" movie helped toymaker Mattel get out of a sales slump.
31 Oct
The United Auto Workers union has announced a tentative deal with General Motors to end a six-week walkout. It comes after the union clinched deals with Ford and Stellantis, the other two companies disrupted by industrial action at the "Detroit Three".


57 mins ago
Broken childhoods is the summary of this week's film show: those of young film stars, at the heart of French actress Judith Godrèche's speech at France's César awards ceremony; and that of the young heroine in the film "When it Melts", which is out in France this week.
2 hours ago
After more than a century of conflict and the mass exodus of its Armenian population in September 2023, the self-styled republic of Nagorno-Karabakh has officially ceased to exist and is now fully under the rule of Azerbaijan.
3 hours ago
Polish farmers took to the streets of Warsaw demanding a ban on food imports from Ukraine. Under pressure, Poland's prime minister is considering a broader ban on Ukrainian food imports.
3 hours ago
Can airstrikes by the USA and its allies be effective in halting Houthi attacks on cargo ships in the Red Sea? Or will the conflict escalate across the entire region?
3 hours ago
The Verdi trade union has called on its members working as ground personnel for Lufthansa to strike for three days, starting on Wednesday. The short-notice action is the latest of several similar strikes.
6 hours ago
The documentary, directed by Mati Diop, was awarded the Golden Bear. The top prize at this year's Berlin International Film Festival was given to “Dahomey,” a documentary by the French Senegalese filmmaker Mati Diop about 26 looted artworks that were returned to Benin from France in 2021.