Tuesday, 5th March 2024
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27 Jan
Taiwan matters hugely to the global economy because of its dominance in chip production. A Chinese blockade of Taiwan would shatter that all-important sector and as a result would wreak havoc on the global economy.
27 Jan
China and Nauru re-established diplomatic ties on Wednesday, after the tiny Pacific island nation unexpectedly severed relations with its now former ally Taiwan in a move the United States described as "unfortunate".
21 Jan
Two former US officials will visit the self-governing island to promote "cross-Strait peace and stability." Although the US does not have official diplomatic ties with Taiwan, it is the island's main backer.
16 Jan
William Lai’s win in Saturday’s first-past-the-post presidential race means an unprecedented third straight term for what the mainland has dubbed the “pro-separatist” Democratic Progressive Party. We’ll hear what the victor - who is also the outgoing vice-president - had to say against the long and steady ratcheting up of tensions in the Taiwan Strait and the carefully-staged response from Washington with the visit of a high-level bipartisan delegation.
14 Jan
S. Leo Chiang is a Taiwanese-American film director based in San Francisco and Taipei. His most recent short film "Island in Between", about his deeply complex relationship with his Taiwanese identity – specifically in relation to China – has been nominated for an Oscar.
13 Jan
Images of the Indian prime minister promoting India's idyllic Lakshadweep islands have exacerbated tensions with the Maldives, which is turning more towards China under a new government.
11 Jan
Taiwan is the world's leading producer of microchips — used in cellphones, cars, refrigerators and weapons. A Chinese invasion would deal a devastating blow to the global high-tech supply chain.
7 Jan
As Taiwan heads to the polls for a presidential election on January 13, we look back at a dark chapter in the island's past. Almost 80 years ago, on February 28, 1947, tens of thousands of Taiwanese who had risen up against the government were murdered. It was the start of the "White Terror" period. For 40 years, the Taiwanese were deprived of their freedoms, wrongly imprisoned or even executed.
2 Jan
Taiwan split from China amid a civil war in 1949, but Beijing has vowed to retake the island by military force if necessary.
1 Jan
"The motherland will surely be reunified," Xi Jinping said in his New Year's speech. He also pledged more investment in new industries to boost China's growth.
23 Dec
Beijing’s narrative pushes Taiwan to rethink its own history
12 Nov
The #MeToo movement has reached Taiwan, where women have been speaking out about their experiences working with predators. Female staff at the ruling Democratic Progressive Party kicked off the first major wave by accusing powerful politicians of sexual harassment or assault. The momentum then spread, with alleged victims accusing celebrities, doctors, professors and more.


46 mins ago
Seven men are suspected of brutally attacking a Brazilian-Spanish tourist who was traveling through India with her husband. The police have already detained three alleged rapists.
1 hour ago
A 19-year-old man has appeared in a Western Australian court accused of murder and attempted murder over an alleged attack on an elderly couple in their Perth home.
2 hours ago
This winter, the Himalayan region on the Indian side experienced record high temperatures and an unprecedented drought. With almost no snowfall, this January was the hottest and driest in 43 years.
2 hours ago
Adeju Thompson, founder of the Lagos Space Programme brand, designs clothing that transcends traditional gender boundaries, drawing inspiration from his African heritage and personal experiences.
7 hours ago
Africa is one of the most vulnerable places on earth. Yet it accounts of just 3% of global emissions. It is a glaring injustice deeply felt across this resources rich continent that is losing between 7 to $15 Billion every year to the widespread impact of global warming.
7 hours ago
African and global investors, researchers and other development partners with an up-to-date evidence based assessment of Africa’s recent macroeconomic performance and short-to-medium outlook and dynamic global economic developments.