Monday, 26th February 2024


2 Nov
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hosts world leaders and tech executives at Bletchley Park to discuss the future of the AI industry. Also in this edition: office-sharing firm WeWork is reportedly close to filing for bankruptcy, and Greek olive oil producers face rising thefts as prices skyrocket.
27 Oct
Speculation is building that Chinese President Xi Jinping could accept an invitation from US President Joe Biden to meet next month in San Francisco. China's top diplomat is visiting Washington this week for talks.
4 Oct
Madrid is hosting a conference with climate leaders before COP28 in Dubai, as the European Union races to firm up a plan to cut harmful emissions.
28 Sep
Diplomats from Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo have met to explore restarting regular three-way summits to foster regional cooperation. The initiative has been on hold for the past few years.
26 Aug 2023
During this week's BRICS summit, China is leading calls for expansion of the grouping's membership and influence. However, a major rift remains between Beijing and New Delhi.
11 Aug 2023
Ahead of an ECOWAS summit debating a response to the Niger coup, Germany has called for the return to "constitutional order." Meanwhile, ousted president Bazoum's house arrest conditions are said to be "deteriorating."
5 Aug 2023
Police in Brazil arrested a man on suspicion of planning an assassination attempt on President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva ahead of the Amazon summit to be held next week.
11 Jul 2023
Education Summit hopes to revitalize the interest of education practitioners in the African culture.
22 Jun 2023
French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting foreign leaders in Paris for a summit focused on how to help the world's poorest countries deal with increasingly catastrophic events linked to climate change, without being saddled with huge debts. The big focus is on reform of the decades-old Bretton Woods institutions: the World Bank and the IMF. One of the key attendees at the summit is Laurence Tubiana, one of the architects of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. She joined us for Perspective.
23 May 2023
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy took center stage on the last day of the G7 summit in Japan as leaders committed to unified approach to tackling Russia and China.


32 mins ago
The technological and economic feasibility of CCS is central in the conversation around "abated" production. Given the challenges that the technology has faced, limiting its use and efficacy to date, it is clear that CCS is not able to abate emissions from fossil fuels sufficiently.
33 mins ago
Agriculture ministers from around the European Union are gathering in Brussels this Monday to discuss ways to address demands of protesting farmers. In today's Business Daily, we look at some of the proposals put forward by the EU Commission to make things easier for farmers. Also in this edition, FRANCE 24's Emerald Maxwell takes a look at a type of online scam called "pig butchering", where users of dating websites fall for fake crypto investments.
2 hours ago
The head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) said on Monday that "the world" may undershoot the 3.3% merchandise trade growth rate for this year.
3 hours ago
However, in recent decades the country has also begun coming to terms with some of its colonial-era atrocities, including in Tanzania and Namibia. Germany's mass killings of Nigeria's Indigenous Herero and Nama people in the early 1900s has been referred to by many historians as the first genocide of the 20th century.
3 hours ago
As the country gears up for its first elections since 2020, human rights activists have said the conditions for a democratic vote do not exist in Belarus. The regime is doing its utmost to keep voters under its control.
5 hours ago
Discover the hidden masterpieces of female artists spanning centuries, from Hildegard of Bingen's mystical illustrations to Sonia Delaunay's vibrant abstracts.