Sunday, 3rd March 2024


14 Nov
Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez promised amnesty to two Catalan separatist parties whose support he needs for another term in office. Right-wing parties argue the move is unconstitutional and are demanding new elections.
14 Nov
After a fruitless 10-hour search in stomach-churning waves, the Senegalese navy patrol boat, Walo, had started its long journey back to port on Thursday evening when its radar picked up a neon blip - another vessel was moving fast through the dark seas.
6 Nov
Four people have died after the Spanish coast guard intercepted four boats on Friday night and Saturday morning. The Canary Islands is becoming an increasingly popular migration route into Europe.
28 Oct
Authorities in Spain logged a record number of illegal migrant entries this weekend, with 1,325 sub-Saharan Africans reaching the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa. One boat alone carried 321 people.
10 Oct
The Spanish company PLD Space launched a reusable rocket in what is seen as a breakthrough for European space ambitions. The blast off occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning in Andalusia.
4 Oct
Emergency services in southeastern city of Murcia said at least 13 people were killed after a fire at a nightclub in the early hours of Sunday. People reported missing were accounted for by Monday, officials said.
29 Sep
Spain's Popular Party leader Alberto Nunez Feijoo did not win enough votes to form a coalition, in spite of his party taking the most seats in the July general election.
19 Sep
Many Catalans have long called for an independent Catalonia. The dispute over the region’s future divides not only Spanish but also Catalan society.
17 Sep
A journalist was allegedly groped by a man in Spain as she was live on air for a broadcaster, sparking outrage among people. Isa Balado was reporting a robbery in Madrid when a man passing by her appeared to touch her bottom in an incident that was recorded on camera.
16 Sep
Prosecutors have requested a restraining order against the former Spanish football boss. Meanwhile, Spanish women footballers maintained their strike pending more changes at the federation.
11 Sep
Spanish suspended football federation chief Luis Rubiales could face a sexual assault charge, after player Jenni Hermoso filed a criminal complaint over the unsolicited kiss he gave her at the Women's World Cup final.
9 Sep
The Spanish men's soccer team on Monday criticised the country's football chief Luis Rubiales for his “unacceptable behaviour” towards women's player Jenni Hermoso. Rubiales forcibly kissed Hermoso on the lips after Spain won the Women's World Cup two weeks ago.


20 mins ago
The international window is just around the corner and what that means is that the superheroes of Nigeria are soon to be in our faces again. But before then, Manchester United Takes on Manchester City. Ayomide Shotubo and Hogan Niyi review the game and other topical issues in this edition of The Nutmeg.
33 mins ago
Global shipping companies are diverting valuable cargo around the African continent to avoid Houthi attacks in the Red Sea. But can coastal African nations seize the opportunity presented by the extra merchant traffic?
35 mins ago
In recent years, Argentina has led Latin America in the struggle for gender equality and LGBTQ rights. But with the election of Javier Milei as president last December, many Argentinians fear all that progress is now being derailed.
1 hour ago
Gaza bloodbath complicates ceasefire negotiation. Is there no end in sight to war in Gaza?The week began with a flurry of diplomacy to seal a truce before Ramadan, but that is now gone quiet, what with more than a hundred civilians killed after a scramble surrounding an aid convoy delivery in Gaza City.
1 day ago
Parliament scrapped a rarely enforced colonial-era law criminalizing sex between men. However, it introduced a constitutional amendment that stands in the way of marriage equality.
1 day ago
India professionals who sought their fortune in the USA or Europe in the past have changed their minds. More and more are opting to stay at home and make a career in their own country.