Thursday, 22nd February 2024


10 Dec
Russia's Supreme Court has classified the LGBTQ+ "movement" as extremist, effectively banning any related activism. Critics say the opaque decision could mean widespread persecution.
5 Dec
Russia is increasingly trying to lure Central Asian migrants to work in the parts of Ukraine it occupies, or even to sign up to fight for its army. While some 1.3 million still migrated to Russia from Central Asia in the first quarter of 2023, some are choosing to leave, rather than be coerced to go to Ukraine.
2 Dec
Interior Minister Mari Rantanen said the shutdown would last until December 13. The Finnish government believes neighboring Russia is encouraging an influx of migrants into Finnish territory.
1 Dec
For more than six months, Russia has been waging war against Ukraine not only with soldiers and bullets, but also in the media - with fakes, disinformation and a broad-based propaganda strategy. We show what's behind it.
26 Nov
Russian lawmakers are looking into banning abortions in private clinics, and new laws are already threatening fines for "incitement" to abortion in some parts of the country. Many fear that a total ban might be coming.
24 Nov
As G20 summit wrapped up in India, heads of government issued a joint declaration against the use of force — but stopped short of condemning Russia over the war in Ukraine.
23 Nov
The United Nations adopts an Olympic Truce Resolution ahead of the Paris 2024 Games as tensions simmer over conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine.
19 Nov
If Russia can freeze the conflict in Ukraine, its forces could be ready to attack Europe in as little as six years, a new study says.
31 Oct
Hundreds of protesters stormed an airport in Russia's Muslim-majority Dagestan, seeking to attack Jewish passengers arriving from Israel. Ukraine has rejected accusations from Moscow that it orchestrated the unrest.
28 Oct
Anna Politkovskaya, a prominent Russian journalist that was killed in 2006, foresaw what would become of Russia under Vladimir Putin. Her daughter explains in a new book how no one listened to the warning signs.
22 Oct
Thai PM Srettha Thavisin met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Beijing this past week. The motives behind the warm encounter appear to be economical. But at what cost to Thailand's reputation?
22 Oct
Russian lawmakers have voted to revoke a 1996 treaty that banned nuclear tests. Moscow says it is merely mirroring the approach of the United States, which never ratified the document.


3 hours ago
The intensifying conflict between the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) army and the M23 Tutsi-led rebels, allegedly backed by Rwanda, has disrupted supply lines to the eastern city of Goma, affecting over two million residents and displaced individuals.
3 hours ago
Furniture maker Jared Omondi is having to walk several miles to work each day in Nairobi after public transport prices doubled. He is one of millions of Kenyans facing spiraling living costs caused by measures to tame surging public debt.
3 hours ago
Democratic Republic of Congo's prime minister, Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde, resigned on Tuesday (February 20), triggering the dissolution of his government, the presidency said in a statement.
1 day ago
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1 day ago
The UEFA Champions League returns this midweek with heavyweight matches between Spanish and Italian teams SSC Napoli and Barcelona FC. Ayomide Sotunbo previews the game on this edition of The Nutmeg on Guardian TV.
1 day ago
Aceh is a staunchly conservative province of Indonesia and the only region in the world's most populous Muslim country that implements the Islamic law, Shariah.