Thursday, 9th February 2023

press conference

31 Dec 2020
Ugandan journalists walk out of security media conference in Kampala in protest of increased violence against them by security forces. On Sunday two journalists were shot at, one critically injured, in the scuffle between opposition politician’s campaigners and security forces.
25 Nov 2020
In a news briefing that lasted slightly longer than one minute, and announced within minutes of taking place, US President Donald Trump praises his administration after the Dow surged past 30,000 points for the first time. Trump did not offer a concession nor take questions from reporters the day after he authorized a transition to the Biden administration.
27 Apr 2019
Ed Rendell, former governor of Pennsylvania and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, discusses Joe Biden's bid for the U.S. presidency with Bloomberg's Lisa Abramowicz and Caroline Hyde on "Bloomberg Markets: The Close."
27 Jan 2017
Having spent his first week in office battling the press over the size of his inauguration crowd, President Trump will field questions from those he has called, 'the dishonest media.'


1 day ago
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1 day ago
Controversy surrounding the Adani Group's business practices, and the Indian government's close ties with the industrial giant, have sparked public protest and emboldened the BJP's opponents.
1 day ago
Bullied, insulted, subtly shamed — people with a visible migration background report about their experiences with racism in Germany in a new book.
1 day ago
More than 30 years after a fatwa was issued against Salman Rushdie, the author was brutally attacked in the US. But he completed his much-anticipated new novel, "Victory City," which is out now.
1 day ago
We bring you a special programme on one of the worst natural disasters to hit the Middle East in decades. Thousands have been killed after two massive earthquakes struck south-eastern Turkey and northern Syria on Monday.
1 day ago
US President Joe Biden pledged to continue rebuilding the economy and uniting the nation during a speech before a divided Congress. Republicans heckled the president, booing his remarks at points during the address.