Tuesday, 5th March 2024
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8 Feb
Senegal's parliament has voted to postpone a presidential election from February 25 to December 15 extending President Macky Sall's mandate. That's triggered widespread public outcry and potentially tarnishes Senegal's image as one of West Africa's more stable democracies.


44 mins ago
A 19-year-old man has appeared in a Western Australian court accused of murder and attempted murder over an alleged attack on an elderly couple in their Perth home.
1 hour ago
This winter, the Himalayan region on the Indian side experienced record high temperatures and an unprecedented drought. With almost no snowfall, this January was the hottest and driest in 43 years.
1 hour ago
Adeju Thompson, founder of the Lagos Space Programme brand, designs clothing that transcends traditional gender boundaries, drawing inspiration from his African heritage and personal experiences.
6 hours ago
Africa is one of the most vulnerable places on earth. Yet it accounts of just 3% of global emissions. It is a glaring injustice deeply felt across this resources rich continent that is losing between 7 to $15 Billion every year to the widespread impact of global warming.
6 hours ago
African and global investors, researchers and other development partners with an up-to-date evidence based assessment of Africa’s recent macroeconomic performance and short-to-medium outlook and dynamic global economic developments.
6 hours ago
The African Development Bank Group graduates its first cohort of government officials from its public finance management academy.