Saturday, 24th February 2024


10 Feb
Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview that aired on Thursday that Russia will fight for its interests but has no interest in expanding its war in Ukraine to other countries such as Poland and Latvia.
4 Feb
Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski hopes that the German government will find a "creative" solution to pay war reparations to Poland.
28 Jan
Almost 3.5 million Jews lived in Poland before World War II. Now, eight decades after the Holocaust, about 20,000 people there have Jewish roots.
12 Jan
Poland's president says he will pardon two convicted politicians as protesters demand their release in Warsaw. It would be the second time he tried to pardon them, with the Supreme Court overruling the previous pardon.
24 Dec
Mateusz Morawiecki and his party, PiS, lost their majority in October elections and are therefore unlikely to win parliament's approval for another term. That would open the door for Donald Tusk and his coalition.
22 Dec
French papers react to President Emmanuel Macron's attempts to defend his hardline immigration bill. In Iran, a young woman forced into child marriage is executed for killing her abusive husband. Papers in Poland are marking the end of "propaganda soup" on state television as loyalists to the former conservative government are purged and a new team takes over, pledging to de-politicise the channel. Plus, why having fewer toys is better for kids!
15 Dec
It's the second coming of Donald Tusk, with implications well beyond Poland’s borders. Two months after a general election win marked by huge turnout comes a comeback for the centre-right leader. Tusk's first stint as prime minister was followed up by a move to Brussels where as president of the European Council, he found himself clashing with the leadership of his own country.
11 Nov
For years, Poland has upheld one of Europe's strictest abortion laws. Devout Catholics often favor the restrictive regulations, whereas pro-choice activists unite to support pregnant women in need. The country is divided. Iza was one of five women in Poland who died after doctors refused to terminate their pregnancies.
27 Oct
In Poland's recent parliamentary election, many women cast their ballots in support of leftist and liberal parties. The country's restrictive abortion law and a bid to strengthen women's rights likely swayed many voters.
22 Oct
In this edition we focus on Poland, where opposition parties have won enough seats in the parliamentary election to oust the ruling conservative Law and Justice party after eight years in power. To analyse this major shift and what it means for Poland's place in the EU, we speak to Danuta Hübner, a member of the main opposition Civic Platform party. She's a former Europe minister for Poland and a former European commissioner who's now an MEP in the European Parliament.
14 Oct
How small parties fare in Poland's election this weekend will determine which of the country's two biggest parties — Jaroslaw Kaczynski's PiS or Donald Tusk's PO — will form the next government.
1 Oct
Tens of thousands of peoples attended an opposition rally in Poland's capital, ahead of a vote that could determine its future in the European Union.


1 day ago
Beijing sees Taiwan as its own territory, and has openly threatened to take it by force. Washington is the island's biggest arms supplier, but Taiwanese authorities are also keen to show what they might do to defend themselves.
1 day ago
Poland’s top diplomat, Radek Sikorski, says Alexei Navalny's death shows Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin will stop at nothing. Speaking to DW at the Munich Security Conference, he also voiced the opinion that alliances are still vital to US interests, despite remarks by former US President Donald Trump, the front-runner as Republican presidential candidate, that seemed to call NATO into question.
1 day ago
The aim of Nigerian artist Boloebi Okah and his Bushman collective is to transform grey walls into works of art that speak about the community and the local culture.
1 day ago
One of the standout features of TikTok's algorithm is its emphasis on content relevance over creator popularity. This means that even if you're new to TikTok, your content can still get significant visibility if it resonates with users.
1 day ago
Fifteen candidates in Senegal's delayed presidential election are urging President Macky Sall to quickly establish a new poll date. Meanwhile, more political prisoners are released. Also, Tunisia experiments with old wheat varieties in order to adapt to drought caused by climate change.
1 day ago
California-based chipmaker Nvidia showed with its latest earnings call that there is still room to grow, with revenue for the last quarter of 2023 surging 265 percent over the year to $22 billion and forecast to keep rising. In this edition of Business Daily, we take a look what Nvidia's success has been built on, and the potential challenges it could face moving forward.