Tuesday, 27th February 2024
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22 Feb
The leader of Pakistan's parliamentary kingmaker party has said a coalition government will go ahead, with key posts expected to be filled within days.
16 Feb
Pakistan faces challenges ranging from economic turmoil to political instability and rising militancy. But the incoming coalition government will be too weak and unstable to tackle these problems, warn experts.
14 Feb
In Pakistan, candidates backed by former Prime Minister Imran Khan's party, PTI, are going to courts claiming the February 8 vote was rigged.
14 Feb
No political party has emerged as a clear winner in polls that were marred by allegations of vote rigging and sporadic violence. The country has been in a state of political turmoil since ex-PM Khan's ouster in 2022.
6 Feb
Ex-PM Imran Khan's incarceration and a crackdown on his PTI party have cast a dark shadow on the February 8 polls with many citizens expressing cynicism about the election outcome. DW's Shamil Shams reports from Karachi.
3 Feb
Pakistan's farmland is still reeling from the effects of devastating floods in 2022, and the lack of substantial winter rainfall is expected to affect the next crop harvest.
31 Jan
Following a foreign minister meeting, Iran and Pakistan agreed on closer security cooperation in a bid to cool tensions after both countries exchanged airstrikes earlier this month.
30 Jan
The former prime minister and cricket legend has been fighting legal battles since being removed from power in 2022.
27 Jan
After Pakistan fired at targets on Iranian territory in retaliation for attacks carried out by Iran on Pakistani territory, both states now say they want to defuse the situation.
27 Jan
Nuclear-armed Pakistan and Iran have launched air strikes on each other’s territory this week, escalating tensions between the two neighbors.
23 Jan
Baluchistan is one of the least reported regions in the world. It's a borderland between Pakistan and Iran and is now at the centre of renewed tensions after both countries carried out deadly air strikes on each other's territory in recent days. The violence comes at a time when much of the world's focus is on events in Gaza and the Middle East.
21 Jan
Iranian state media said three women and four children had been killed in explosions. It comes two days after Tehran attacked positions inside Pakistan that Islamabad said killed two children.


7 hours ago
Aides to the late Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny say Moscow has set an ultimatum for his mother to agree to a secret funeral. Russian authorities have threatened to bury him in the penal colony where he died. Vladimir Ashurkov, Executive Director of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, and close friend of Alexei Navalny talked to DW about the circumstances of Navalny’s life and death.
7 hours ago
Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to ensure his country remains in a permanent state of war. That's the premise of a new book, published by a French political scientist as the world has been marking the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
7 hours ago
Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that Western weapons deliveries to Ukraine have ended up in the hands of Hamas and other terror groups in the Middle East. Russian television has been quick to exploit the Israel-Hamas conflict for propaganda purposes.
8 hours ago
Why "Gone with the Wind" made movie history, "Asphalt Cowboy" exorcised prudery from Hollywood and Bong Joon-ho's "Parasite" catapulted the Oscars into the 21st century. Arts Unveiled journeys through nine decades of the Academy Awards.
8 hours ago
Protesters in Argentina have demanded that President Javier Milei scrap the reforms, arguing that they will only benefit the wealthy. The reform bill contains hundreds of articles including privatization and cutting state subsidies.
9 hours ago
Since February 24, 2022, Russia's full-scale invasion has had a huge impact on Ukraine, but also the European Union. To tackle inflation and other economic consequences, the EU has taken measures to try to shield its inhabitants from the cost-of-living crisis. We take a closer look.