Friday, 28th January 2022


1 May 2019
NLC holds show, sensitises Nigerians ahead of Workers day celebration.
30 Apr 2019
Prioritise public schools, hospitals, NLC tells FG
8 Feb 2019
What Boss Mustapha said about NLC.
7 Nov 2018
Why NLC negotiated new minimum wage eve of 2019 election.
4 Nov 2018
Accept N22,500 minimum wage offer by states, Group tells NLC.
3 Nov 2018
What governors told NLC about minimum wage.
1 Nov 2018
NLC blasts Nigerian governors for rejecting N30,000 minimum wage.
30 Oct 2018
Nigerian govt move to avert impending NLC strike.
30 Sep 2018
Minimum Wage: NLC suspends warning strike.
9 Nov 2017
NLC President leads protest against sack of 22,000 Kaduna teachers.
10 Oct 2017
NLC President meets with workers in Benue.
8 Oct 2017
NLC pickets MTN, Abuja environmental protection board.


39 mins ago
Denmark has accused coup generals of playing a dirty political game after the junta withdrew the invitation to deploy Danish troops. Denmark has announced the country would withdraw its newly deployed contingent of 90 troops from Mali after repeated demands by the poor Sahel country's military junta.
39 mins ago
The West African country's new military leader has said constitutional order will return "when the conditions are right." The junta has also pledged to bring security to Burkina Faso.
39 mins ago
Every two years, football comes home... to Africa. This year, the Africa Cup of Nations is hosted by Cameroon and, no doubt, there's plenty to criticise: dodgy calls by the ref, questionable Covid-19 protocols and a deadly stampede that left eight dead. And yet, football fans the world over are enthralled. Every day brings new twists: minnows have upset powerhouses, and stars who normally spend winter in the European leagues have shown up for their national sides. So what exactly is it about AFCON that's got us riveted?
4 hours ago
In Israel, the number of gang-related murders is soaring in the Israeli Arab community. A record 128 Israeli Arabs were killed in gang-related violence within their own community last year, including women and children caught in the crossfire. The victims' families accuse the police of inaction, while the government has promised to do more. Our correspondents Gwendoline Debono and Irris Makler report from Qalansuwa, a town in the country's centre, where criminals have formed a state within a state.
4 hours ago
French unions are staging a major nationwide strike Thursday, with more than 170 protests calling for salary hikes to deal with the rising cost of living. Rail workers, teachers and other professions are pressuring the government just months ahead of presidential elections.
5 hours ago
France is considered one of the top destinations in the world for winter sports, known as "les sports d'hiver". They're a major part of the country’s tourism industry. Ski culture goes beyond the slopes, and like many things in France, it also involves a lot of food. But has skiing become too expensive? And how can resorts cope with climate change? In this episode of French Connections Plus, Florence Villeminot and Genie Godula slalom the ins and outs of the white gold that is French skiing.