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13 Jan
Nigeria's inflation rate has hit a Seventeen year high. This is a report by the National Bureau of Statistics released in September 2022. GuardianTV takes an in-depth look at the reasons for the all-time inflation.
20 Dec
Days ago, Nigeria's National Bureau of Statistics reported that headline inflation reached 26.7% in September 2023 up from 25.8% in August of the same year, with food inflation hitting 30.64% in September. The Guardian Nigeria stepped out to know how the inflation is affecting the lives of Nigerians and their businesses.
21 Nov
Nigeria has a deep-rooted history when it comes to games of chance and the quest for quick wealth. From age-long lot games, to dice rolling, ram fighting to sports betting, forex trading, and cryptocurrency, there is always one option or another for those seeking quick fortune.
20 Nov
Inside Stuff with Martins Oloja this week examines medical tourism by our Nigerian leaders. The multi-award-winning journalist with The Guardian Nigeria says it is time to stop medical tourism.
17 Nov
Inside Stuff with Martins Oloja this week examines the race to become the next Nigeria Senate President and Speaker House of Assembly. The multi-award-winning journalist with The Guardian Nigeria asks: 10th National Assembly: Who is on Nigeria's side?
17 Nov
In African society, the choice of disciplinary measures used to train a child is often a subject of debate. The two early holy books and the African tradition also favor using a hand to correct kids' wrongdoings. GuardianTV asks Nigerians if sparing the road does spoil the child?
4 Nov
Meet Vanessa, the 21-year-old behind the Nela Designs, who also doubles as a registered Nurse. She shares some of the highs and lows in her journey, her dream of writing a book, and organising a runway exhibition amongst other things.
1 Nov
Following the removal of the fuel subsidy on May 29 by President Bola Tinubu. Prices of goods and services have largely increased with several businesses struggling to keep the door open. GuardianTV stepped out today to check in with Nigerians to see if they've gotten used to the new normal and this was what they had to say.
28 Oct
The term national cake is a familiar phrase for the average Nigerian often used in discussions about the nation's wealth. However, it is frequently associated with corruption amongst those managing the country's finances. So that brings us to the question, how does the government bake this so-called national cake? Does he just sit there waiting to be divided piece by piece?
22 Sep
Nigerians marched in several states this week in an outpouring of grief and to press authorities to investigate the death last week of popular Afrobeats musician Mohbad, forcing the police to exhume his body on Thursday for an autopsy.
28 Jul 2023
Nigerians, like Justice Ojah, have been converting their generators to run on gas after the West African country removed the popular fuel subsidy which saw the petrol price triple.
12 Jul 2023
The community of Shimankar in Nigeria's Plateau State installed a solar mini grid three years ago. DW looks at how it has transformed the lives of around 2,000 locals.


1 hour ago
Speculation about the successor to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is high on the agenda ahead of NATO's 75th anniversary. Mr. Stoltenberg has been in office for almost a decade and is known for his success in balancing relations between the US and NATO.
1 hour ago
Officials in Valencia say the death toll from an apartment complex blaze has risen to 10. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez visited the city, saying victims "lost everything in a matter of minutes."
5 hours ago
Without pausing to wipe the sweat from their brows, workers in northern Ivory Coast picked cotton by the handful - a crop saved by the use of extra insecticides after a new pest wreaked record damage across West and Central Africa last season.
6 hours ago
The ongoing migrant crisis is unprecedented, both in scale and the effect it has had beyond the border states to cities located deep within the country. Major cities such as New York, Denver and Chicago are finding themselves under extreme financial pressure, exacerbated by the lack of federal funding or assistance.
1 day ago
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1 day ago
Palestinian Authority PM Mohammad Shtayyeh resigns