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28 Jul 2023
Kenyan President William Ruto, on Friday, condemned the coup in Niger that saw Mohamed Bazoum deposed from power by members of his presidential guard. Niger's coup is the seventh in West and Central Africa since 2020. Niger is a key Western ally in a global fight against insurgencies in the Sahel region.
28 Jul 2023
The military coup in Niger is another setback for security in the Sahel region – also scuppering German government plans for the deployment of armed forces and for development cooperation.
28 Jul 2023
Niger general Abdourahamane Tiani declares himself president on state TV
26 Jul 2023
Niger President Mohamed Bazoum has been removed from power, according to a group of soldiers who appeared on the West African nation's national television late on Wednesday, hours after the president was held in the presidential palace.
30 Jun 2023
Talking Europe interviews Jutta Urpilainen, the EU Commissioner for International Partnerships, who is in charge of overseeing official development assistance. She announces exclusively on FRANCE 24 a fresh €66 million package for Niger, to be spent on education. Urpilainen stresses that development aid is part of geopolitical competition, and that it would be a "huge mistake" for Europe and the West to turn their back on the Global South.
24 Apr 2023
At the end of 2022, Niger's army said it was highly satisfied with its military cooperation with France against the terrorist threat, unlike its neighbours in Mali and Burkina Faso. Of the countries located in the tri-border area – the most dangerous region of the Sahel – Niger is the only one that wants to keep the French military on its soil. This aid takes the form of Operation Almahaou.
21 Mar 2023
The White House has said an American aid worker who was kidnapped in the West African nation more than six years ago has been released from custody.


4 hours ago
Palestinian Authority PM Mohammad Shtayyeh resigns
5 hours ago
The technological and economic feasibility of CCS is central in the conversation around "abated" production. Given the challenges that the technology has faced, limiting its use and efficacy to date, it is clear that CCS is not able to abate emissions from fossil fuels sufficiently.
5 hours ago
Agriculture ministers from around the European Union are gathering in Brussels this Monday to discuss ways to address demands of protesting farmers. In today's Business Daily, we look at some of the proposals put forward by the EU Commission to make things easier for farmers. Also in this edition, FRANCE 24's Emerald Maxwell takes a look at a type of online scam called "pig butchering", where users of dating websites fall for fake crypto investments.
7 hours ago
The head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) said on Monday that "the world" may undershoot the 3.3% merchandise trade growth rate for this year.
8 hours ago
However, in recent decades the country has also begun coming to terms with some of its colonial-era atrocities, including in Tanzania and Namibia. Germany's mass killings of Nigeria's Indigenous Herero and Nama people in the early 1900s has been referred to by many historians as the first genocide of the 20th century.
8 hours ago
As the country gears up for its first elections since 2020, human rights activists have said the conditions for a democratic vote do not exist in Belarus. The regime is doing its utmost to keep voters under its control.