Saturday, 24th February 2024

New Delhi

28 Jan
French President Emmanuel Macron is wrapping up his two-day visit to India, where he paraded through the streets with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and talked business, amid calls from human rights groups not to overlook India's authoritarian shift. For more, we speak to Subir Sinha, Director of the South Asia Institute at SOAS University of London.
7 Nov
The enemy is nearly invisible and there are no soldiers, but the Indian capital’s new “Green War Room” is battling air pollution that is cutting lives of residents by over a decade.


24 mins ago
Russians shouldn’t lose hope, says Dmitry Gudkov, they should feel rage. The opposition politician and former State Duma Deputy, who was a companion of Alexei Navalny spoke to DW about the death of Putin’s greatest critic.
24 mins ago
Ukrainian refugees are finding work in Croatia's hospitality industry. After the coronavirus pandemic, hotels in the popular holiday destination are struggling to find staff.
1 hour ago
Indian farmers atop agricultural machinery have resumed their march toward the capital, New Delhi, amid a stalemate with the government on guaranteed prices for their produce.
3 hours ago
Fierce battles between Congolese troops and the M23 rebels in eastern DR Congo have intensified regional tensions. Experts say it points to worsening relations between Kigali and Kinshasa.
3 hours ago
Fighting between Myanmar's junta and rebel groups in Rakhine state is growing more intense. Neighboring Bangladesh may soon need to reach out to rebels on security and refugee issues.
8 hours ago
People wanting to alter their appearance with more than clothes or cosmetics can opt for tattoos, piercings or aesthetic surgery. But these invasive procedures aren’t without risk. In Good Shape shares tips to ensure your health isn't compromised.