Thursday, 29th February 2024


24 Feb
Fighting between Myanmar's junta and rebel groups in Rakhine state is growing more intense. Neighboring Bangladesh may soon need to reach out to rebels on security and refugee issues.
18 Feb
Our reporter Constantin Simon managed to secretly enter Myanmar, where he filmed the fighting between the rebels and the ruling junta. He also followed a rebel commander. FRANCE 24 brings you his exclusive 25-minute report.
15 Feb
Myanmar's ruling junta has activated a law that will see men and women called up for at least two years of compulsory military service.
4 Feb
Three years after a coup toppled Myanmar's democratic government, the embattled junta's grip on power is being seriously challenged by armed factions.
3 Feb
This Thursday marks three years since Myanmar's military seized power in a coup, and the country is still beset by a civil war between the ruling junta and armed ethnic groups. On January 7, residents and officials of a small village in western Myanmar said the air force had conducted air strikes killing 17 civilians, but the official state media called the claim "fake news."
28 Jan
Despite China-led peace talks between opposition and junta forces, the situation remains delicate. Myanmar has been in chaos ever since the military overthrew the democratically elected government in February 2021.
30 Dec
The Chinese embassy in Myanmar has urged nationals to leave the Laukkai district, in Shan state, because of safety risks. There have been clashes in northeastern Myanmar among the junta and armed ethnic groups.
14 Dec
DW spoke with an armed group in Chin state that includes Buddhists and Christians who said they left civilian life to free Myanmar from the junta's grip on power.
9 Dec
After the military burned down their village, one community describe their efforts to survive in a diplaced person's camp on the fringes of the jungle in the Sagaing region.
6 Dec
After the military burned down their village, one community describe their efforts to survive in a diplaced person's camp on the fringes of the jungle in the Sagaing region.
26 Nov
A Myanmar rebel offensive that analysts say poses a threat to the miliary junta's grip on power has led to growing concerns about a spillover of tensions into border areas in India's northeast.
26 Nov
Myanmar's western Rakhine state has been the site of new clashes between the Arakan Army militia group and the junta, which overthrew the civilian government early in 2021. Fighting was also reported in Chin state.


59 mins ago
Rarely discussed but extremely common: sex drive mismatch. It's very normal for couples to have different libidos. And you can fix it. Here's how.
59 mins ago
Los Ardillos is one of 16 crime groups in Guerrero that battle over drug-trafficking, kidnapping and extortion rackets, according to Defense Ministry documents cited by the daily Milenio. The state is a top producer of opium poppy, the main ingredient of heroin.
6 hours ago
Members of the Nigerian Labour Congress NLC on Tuesday morning protested nationwide over the biting economic hardship in the country.
6 hours ago
Seven months after the coup that overthrew President Mohamed Bazoum, Niger's security forces have seized large quantities of weapons in the capital. They say the military equipment belongs to France, and accuse Paris of trying to destabilise the country.
6 hours ago
The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said on Monday that Benin had offered 2,000 troops for a Kenya-led mission to tackle gang violence in Haiti.
1 day ago
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