Wednesday, 29th June 2022


18 May 2019
Transforming tech: Why Mozilla is urging Silicon Valley to rethink 'ad economy'.
3 Feb 2019
Mozilla Chief Operating Officer Denelle Dixon discusses the effort to restore so-called “net neutrality" rules recently rescinded by the FCC on "Bloomberg Technology."
9 Apr 2018
Mozilla has released a Firefox tool called Facebook Container to stop the social networking site from tracking online habits outside Facebook's own site.
30 Mar 2018
Our guest on today’s show is Mitchell Baker; the co-founder and chair of Mozilla who was once branded the Internet’s “chief lizard wrangler”.


2 hours ago
Find these stories and much more when you grab a copy of The Guardian on Thursday.
6 hours ago
The former US president allegedly tried to grab the steering wheel in a limo after being told he could not join his supporters. A secret service agent was forced to restrain him, according to the testimony.
6 hours ago
Hundreds of thousands of people have resigned their memberships in Germany's Protestant and Catholic churches. Fifteen years ago, 61% of Germans belonged to churches, a number that has now dropped below 50%.
7 hours ago
One common explanation as to why you don't see mouse meat on the menu has to do with who buys it. Pet food labels and ingredient lists are meant to be attractive to the consumer, which why you may see ingredients that cats wouldn't eat in the wild but sound tasty to us, such as kale and cranberries.
8 hours ago
The war in Ukraine has triggered a struggle for power and influence. Russia and China are challenging the existing world order. Western democracies are seeking to counter this and are looking for allies.
8 hours ago
He was a genius who left a lasting mark on France. As military architect to King Louis XIV, Vauban imagined a series of impregnable citadels to protect the country, from Besançon to the Ile de Ré. Each time, the architect reinvented himself to take into account the local geography and landscape. Today, many of these buildings remain key French landmarks. We take a closer look.