Thursday, 29th February 2024


15 Jan
Cape Verde stun Ghana 2-1 in the biggest shock of the Africa Cup of Nations so far. Egypt have Mohamed Salah to thank for salvaging a 2-2 draw against Mozambique with a last-minute penalty. Jean-Emile Jammine is joined by Eurosport's Ruben Slagter and FRANCE 24 correspondent Justice Baidoo to break down all the football action so far.
16 Oct
Ayomide Shotubo and Olaniyi Adeoluwa review Mozambique vs Nigeria match preview on The Nutmeg.
15 Oct
The Islamist group Al Shabaab attacked Palma in northern Mozambique, near a TotalEnergies LNG facility. Over 1,000 people were killed and survivors fled to a nearby resort. Survivors say TotalEnergies should have had better escape protocols in place. Also in this edition: Tunisians express their support for Palestine.
10 Sep
At 16, judoka Shenidy Tsemane is already a two-time African judo champion in the lightweight category. Her biggest ambition is now going to the Olympic Games and winning a gold medal.
17 Aug 2023
Mozambican photographer Yassmin Forte, whose contemporary artwork gained her a Contemporary African Photography (CAP) Prize, is using the win to highlight the country’s colonial past through her family history.
1 Apr 2023
The death of a popular rapper has prompted many young people in Mozambique to protest against the country's problems. The Mozambican state and the ruling FRELIMO party are responding with repression.
17 Mar 2023
Hundreds of people have been killed as tropical cyclone Freddy continues its trail of destruction.
14 Mar 2023
Freddy is set to become the longest-lasting cyclone on record, after it hit the country a second time on its looping trajectory considered rare by meteorologists.


29 mins ago
Don't bet the family farm on it. Politicians in Paris, Warsaw, Brussels and New Delhi won't magically find the quick fix for an agriculture sector that's gone global at the expense of small producers. Why is it erupting all over, including here in France?
33 mins ago
Although Nigeria pumps crude oil, its refineries are so dysfunctional they have been closed down, so it imports almost all its refined fuel. Rising domestic consumption thus weighs on the current account.
2 hours ago
EU lawmakers have voted to pass the bloc's flagship law to restore degraded ecosystems. It came after weeks of farmers' protests against enviornment policies across the EU.
2 hours ago
The former and the sitting presidents seem set to repeat the 2020 presidential race. A sizable Arab-American community in Michigan withdrew support from Biden, over his policies on the war in Gaza.
4 hours ago
A “historic day” for Sweden who will finally be able to join NATO after Hungary’s parliament ratified its bid. Also in the news: French schools start their student uniform trials as part of a controversial national experiment.
4 hours ago
South Africa has recorded a significant increase in the killing of rhinos by poachers. The uptick comes despite government efforts to crack down on the illegal trade in horns.