Sunday, 10th December 2023

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4 Nov
In France, following the recent terror attack that saw a French high school teacher murdered, Interior Minister GĂ©rard Darmanin is asking for the implementation of a so-called "backdoor" to access the phone messages of people suspected of posing a threat to national security. For encrypted messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal, this means creating an exception to end-to-end encryption, as our Science and Tech editor explains.


49 mins ago
Presidential elections in Egypt will take place from December 10 to 12. President Abdel Fattah al Sisi is running for a third term which outcome is predictable, even more now that the election campaign has been overshadowed by the Gaza war. But also because no serious other candidate is facing him, as lamented by human rights defenders.
3 hours ago
As emerging technologies like artificial intelligence transform industries, Europe's largest economy is eager to catch up with the US and China. Will it succeed?
3 hours ago
As world leaders meet at the UN climate summit in Dubai, a new report shows that carbon emissions are set to hit a record high, with the potential to make climate change worse and fuel more destructive, extreme weather.
3 hours ago
5 hours ago
In 1995, Bosnian Serb forces killed more than 8,000 mostly Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica. Men who were directly or indirectly involved in the massacre hold key positions in Serbia's political and economic spheres.
5 hours ago
Much of Europe has strived to make itself a model of democracy. However, the continent is not immune to the anti-democratic developments across the world.