Sunday, 25th February 2024

mass shooting

20 Jan
After a lone gunman killed 17 people in a mass shooting in Prague late last year, debate is raging about the country's laws on gun ownership. Czech citizens have the constitutional right to bear arms.
26 Oct
US authorities are searching for a man wanted in connection with mass shootings in the US state of Maine, warning residents he is "armed and dangerous."
26 Oct
A hospital in Maine was on standby on Wednesday after at least 22 people were killed and 50 to 60 wounded in mass shootings in Lewiston, NBC News reported, citing a police source.
6 Jul 2023
Police said that two people had been killed in the attack, and that more than one shooter had been involved. Police later said around half of the 28 people injured were under the age of 18.
13 May 2023
Police have arrested a man suspected of killing eight people in the second mass shooting in Serbia in just two days. They hunted for the attacker as the country mourns.


10 mins ago
German lawmakers approved a mandate for military participation in the EU Red Sea naval mission Aspides, aimed at providing safe passage for merchant vessels currently subject to attack from Iran-backed Houthi rebels.
10 mins ago
As part of its plan to deter people from arriving illegally in Britain, the government is moving migrants on to disused military sites and barges like the grey, three-story Bibby Stockholm in Portland which can house around 500 people in more than 200 bedrooms.
1 hour ago
Lina Soualem’s latest film looks back at four generations of Palestinian women, with her mother, actress Hiam Abbass, serving as a guide to their family history.
1 hour ago
More and more aid programs for Syria's northwest are being reduced or discontinued. This exacerbates the situation of millions in the refugee camps.
2 hours ago
The UN's rapporteur for freedom of expression has asked Philippine authorities to review the cases of journalists detained in the Southeast Asian country.
2 hours ago
Two years after Russia's full-scale invasion began, around a fifth of Ukrainian territory remains under Russian occupation – a repressive regime where arbitrary detentions, beatings and torture are the norm.