Saturday, 2nd March 2024


10 Feb
The Philippines is standing firm against China in its yearslong dispute over maritime territory in the South China Sea. Could improved communications help resolve the spat?
4 Nov
Manila accused the Chinese coast guard of acting in a "provocative, irresponsible, and illegal" manner after Chinese and Philippine vessels collided in two separate incidents in the South China Sea.
25 Oct
Ties between China and the Philippines have deteriorated sharply since Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. praised their "friendship" in early 2023. Now, new winds are blowing from Manila.
11 Aug 2023
Foreign countries are swooping in and snatching nurses from the Philippines before they even finish training. Is there a way for the EU to offer compensation?


2 hours ago
Parliament scrapped a rarely enforced colonial-era law criminalizing sex between men. However, it introduced a constitutional amendment that stands in the way of marriage equality.
2 hours ago
India professionals who sought their fortune in the USA or Europe in the past have changed their minds. More and more are opting to stay at home and make a career in their own country.
3 hours ago
This documentary investigates the shady business of pesticides. Many pesticides that are banned in Europe are exported to nations where their use is permitted, despite their toxicity. First and foremost, they are exported to Brazil.
3 hours ago
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has visited Ukrainian troops training in Germany. He was joined by Germany's defense minister and Ukraine's ambassador to Berlin. Around 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers have undergone training on battle tanks since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
4 hours ago
If you've ever loved and lost a pet, you may have dreamt of being able to bring it back to life. In China, where animal cloning is legal, this already possible. Several companies offer cloning services to pet owners, using the DNA of the dead animal to create a new pet that's very much like the old one.
4 hours ago
Online shopping platform Temu has taken much of the world by storm. It has gained huge market share, but one of the major challenges is turning the hype into profits.