Thursday, 22nd February 2024


29 Jan
Mali's junta decided to launch a new national peace process just one day after it ended a key 2015 peace deal. Tuareg rebels are skeptical of the initiative.
18 Dec
Germany's last troops serving in Mali have returned home after the Russian-backed military government there ordered peacekeepers out. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius told them their mission was not a failure.
13 Dec
Germany's army says the last of its soldiers are on their way home, bringing a 10-year mission to an end. Mali's military junta ordered UN peacekeepers out, while cozying up to Russia.
6 Dec
Junta-led Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger have ditched the G5 anti-jihadist force. Experts say their intended confederation to tackle Islamist insurgents in the Sahel is bound to fail unless they mend ties with ECOWAS.
18 Nov
Mali's military has taken the town of Kidal from rebel groups. But experts fear that possible fresh attacks might jeopardize lasting peace.
8 Nov
Mali has announced plans to build several nuclear power plants in cooperation with Russian energy firm Rosatom. But is such an undertaking feasible?
8 Nov
This is the fourth such incident involving an IED since the convoy's departure from the UN base in Kidal on Tuesday. Mali's government has refused to authorize flight support for the convoy.
7 Nov
The military junta in Mali ordered the United Nations peacekeeping mission MINUSMA to leave the country earlier this year. The peacekeepers' convoys have been hit by multiple improvised explosive devices.
10 Oct
As the UN mission winds down in Mali, the army is putting on a brave face in a looming fight with separatists. Can Mali's ruling military junta deal with insurgents? And why is discrimination is at the heart of the country's problems? The Flipside takes a look.
25 Sep
The foreign minister of Mali told the UN General Assembly that any military intervention in Niger would threaten Mali's security. The juntas in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso signed a mutual defense pact last week.
23 Sep
Three West African countries ruled by military juntas have signed a mutual defense pact. Mali and Burkina Faso had previously promised to come to Niger's aid in the event of an attack.
11 Sep
No details have yet been given by Malian authorities on any casualties from the attack. It's the latest violence in the West African country after two assaults by suspected jihadis killed dozens a day prior.


2 hours ago
The intensifying conflict between the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) army and the M23 Tutsi-led rebels, allegedly backed by Rwanda, has disrupted supply lines to the eastern city of Goma, affecting over two million residents and displaced individuals.
2 hours ago
Furniture maker Jared Omondi is having to walk several miles to work each day in Nairobi after public transport prices doubled. He is one of millions of Kenyans facing spiraling living costs caused by measures to tame surging public debt.
2 hours ago
Democratic Republic of Congo's prime minister, Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde, resigned on Tuesday (February 20), triggering the dissolution of his government, the presidency said in a statement.
1 day ago
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1 day ago
The UEFA Champions League returns this midweek with heavyweight matches between Spanish and Italian teams SSC Napoli and Barcelona FC. Ayomide Sotunbo previews the game on this edition of The Nutmeg on Guardian TV.
1 day ago
Aceh is a staunchly conservative province of Indonesia and the only region in the world's most populous Muslim country that implements the Islamic law, Shariah.