Thursday, 30th June 2022


17 Aug 2019
Pyongyang has rejected South Korea's hopes for dialogue, saying inter-Korea talks are off the table. North Korea launched two missiles into the sea in protest of joint US-South Korea military drills.
13 Jul 2019
South Korea is hinting at potential retaliation against Japan as their chip spat rambles on. Japan’s curbs on semiconductor components to Korea have reinvigorated decades of bi-lateral tensions and it could have far-reaching implications for the global tech supply chain.
13 Jul 2019
Stan Gale, chairman and chief executive officer at Gale International, discusses Korea’s smart city project, what went wrong with the project and his expectations for the resolution.
13 Jun 2018
Lisa Collins, Korea chair at Center for Strategic & International Studies, discusses the impact of President Donald Trump stating that the United States will suspend military exercises with South Korea.
8 Mar 2018
John Park, director of Korea Working Group at Harvard Kennedy School, discusses U.S. relations with North Korea and possible talks.


7 hours ago
It's the first time Xi has made a trip outside mainland China since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The visit is expected to showcase Beijing's control over Hong Kong after a political crackdown crushed dissent.
8 hours ago
As coal prices bite, Poles turn to collect firewood
8 hours ago
We look at reactions in the French press to the verdict of the "trial for the history books" – that of the November 2015 Paris terror attacks. Also, Indian papers react after the brutal murder of a tailor sparks Hindu-Muslim tensions. Finally, Californian authorities restitute beachfront land to the descendants of a Black couple, a century after it was seized.
8 hours ago
Germany will be the largest provider of troops in Mali following the UN's decision to extend its peace mission in Mali. But one important security measure will be missing after France's troop withdrawal this fall.
8 hours ago
The 'Because of You' hitmaker's marital split from Brandon Blackstock - who she first filed for divorce from in June 2020, after seven years of marriage - has impacted Kelly's song choices as she only wants to release material she is "comfortable" with.
10 hours ago
All 20 defendants were convicted for their roles in the 2015 Paris terror attacks. The main defendant was sentenced to life in prison. The highly anticipated verdict brings to an end a case that lasted over nine months.