Thursday, 30th March 2023


17 Aug 2019
Pyongyang has rejected South Korea's hopes for dialogue, saying inter-Korea talks are off the table. North Korea launched two missiles into the sea in protest of joint US-South Korea military drills.
13 Jul 2019
South Korea is hinting at potential retaliation against Japan as their chip spat rambles on. Japan’s curbs on semiconductor components to Korea have reinvigorated decades of bi-lateral tensions and it could have far-reaching implications for the global tech supply chain.
13 Jul 2019
Stan Gale, chairman and chief executive officer at Gale International, discusses Korea’s smart city project, what went wrong with the project and his expectations for the resolution.
13 Jun 2018
Lisa Collins, Korea chair at Center for Strategic & International Studies, discusses the impact of President Donald Trump stating that the United States will suspend military exercises with South Korea.
8 Mar 2018
John Park, director of Korea Working Group at Harvard Kennedy School, discusses U.S. relations with North Korea and possible talks.


4 hours ago
Disney lays off Marvel Entertainment's chairman amid cost-cutting drive. Disney has laid off Isaac ("Ike") Perlmutter, the head of Marvel Entertainment, as part of its cost-cutting plans. The company began cutting 7,000 jobs this week in an effort to reduce $5.5 billion in costs.
4 hours ago
Pope Francis has acknowledged the many well-wishes the 86-year-old has received while he’s being treated in a Rome hospital for a respiratory infection.
4 hours ago
Pope Francis will stay at a hospital in Rome for several days of treatment. The Vatican has said that his infection is not COVID-19.
6 hours ago
So you see an outrageous or unbelievable image online — is it really too good to be true? If an image seems fishy, something is likely awry. But how can you prove if a picture has been manipulated? Here are a few tips.
6 hours ago
China's show of solidarity with Russia displeased officials in Brussels, where concerns are growing that Beijing is considering supplying arms to Moscow. But for now there is no real desire to decouple from China.
7 hours ago
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced on Thursday (March 16) $150 million in new humanitarian assistance for Africa's Sahel region, saying it would provide life-saving support to refugees and others impacted by conflict and food insecurity.