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Kim Jong-Un

31 Mar 2018
From Kim Jong-Un's secret Chinese visit to the tribute to a French hero, and a sports scandal that has shaken Australia--our panelists join us to take a look back at the week that was.
27 Mar 2018
Bloomberg's Stephen Engle discusses a reported visit to Beijing by North Korea's Kim Jong Un. He speaks on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia."
12 Mar 2018
US President Donald Trump has agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
10 Mar 2018
Stephen Noerper, Korea Society senior director, discusses President Donald Trump's acceptance of an invitation to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
10 Mar 2018
Donald Trump has agreed to meet Kim Jong Un, a scenario that appeared incredibly unlikely as the two leaders have a history of ratcheting up tension and trading insults.
9 Mar 2018
As Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump surprise the world by agreeing to a historic meeting, we met with North Koreans who have fled the Pyongyang regime.
10 Feb 2018
The North Korean delegation has met the South Korean president in the South’s capital, Seoul. Footage showed the rare meeting taking place, with South Korea’s head of state meeting Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un.
22 Jan 2018
Kim Jong-un's rumoured ex-lover and pop star visits South Korea in a show of inter-Korean Olympic faith.
2 Jan 2018
Kim Jong Un has warned the U.S. that North Korea's nuclear capability is a reality, not a threat. Kim was reviving his grandfather's tradition of a New Year's message.
12 Nov 2017
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Sunday it was possible he could be friends with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un one day and that it would be "very, very nice" but he was not sure that it would happen.
8 Nov 2017
U.S. President Donald Trump directly addresses Kim Jong Un in a speech with a stern warning against continuing the country's nuclear and missiles program.
9 Oct 2017
Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, has been given a major promotion by her brother in the midst of a large-scale personnel reshuffle in the regime.


2 hours ago
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4 hours ago
Tensions are flaring up between India and Canada over Khalistan separatists, with the row also sending out shockwaves throughout the Sikh diaspora.
4 hours ago
Malaysia intends to double the quantity of palm oil it exports to China, in an effort to counterbalance the EU's push to cut down on its own imports.
5 hours ago
The former US president is being sued by the New York attorney general for deceiving banks and insurers by over-valuating assets. The judge's decision narrows the parameters of a trial next week.
5 hours ago
A Rwandan court orders a suspected serial killer to be detained for 30 days. Denis Kazungu pleaded guilty after multiple bodies were found buried in his kitchen, in a case that has shocked the nation. Also, several children are amongst the eight people killed following heavy rains in Cape Town. And in Senegal, Tiak Tiak drivers gear up to hit the streets once again. The moto-taxis offer commuters a way to zip in and out of the dense Dakar traffic, but with a risk of accidents.
6 hours ago
Britain's Home Secretary Suella Braverman called for governments to rewrite global refugee rules to make them "fit for the modern age." She said "simply being gay, or a woman" should not in itself entitle refuge.