Tuesday, 4th October 2022
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28 Jan 2020
Police in Lagos state now know the identity of one of the suspects in the arranged kidnap saga in the state.
20 Oct 2019
Dino laments bandit attack, kidnap of citizens along Kogi-Lokoja express
21 Jun 2019
Suspect narrates how his team kidnapped UBEC Chairmanand killed the driver.
6 Nov 2018
Cameroon's army is searching for 79 children kindapped from a school in western Cameroon on Monday and has said Anglophone separatists are likely to blame.
15 Jun 2018
Forced marriages are on the rise in India. In most cases, it's women who are kidnapped and forced into marrying a man they do not know. But in the northern state of Bihar, one of the country's poorest, men are also being kidnapped.
7 Oct 2017
Police vow to rescue victim of Edo zoo kidnap.
9 Aug 2017
Residents of Ijaye discover kidnap den, kill 2 suspects,
3 Jun 2017
Police arrest 8 suspects over Lagos school kidnap.
11 Apr 2017
Falae's kidnap trial - Court sentences culprits to life imprisonment.


4 hours ago
Germany has thousands of mosques, most of them tucked away in backyards or industrial parks. On Open Mosque Day, they open their doors to the public.
4 hours ago
Iran continues to be rocked by anti-government protests. Officials have urged security forces to respond harshly to anyone they say is endangering public order. State media reports that more than 40 protesters and police officers have been killed.
5 hours ago
Police in South Africa are searching for suspects wanted for the killing of a German tourist who was shot dead while traveling to the world renowned Kruger game reserve.
6 hours ago
We bring you reactions from the illustrated press to ongoing protests in Iran after the death of a woman in custody of the morality police.
6 hours ago
Half of the coaches in the NSWL were either fired or resigned in 2021 following misconduct allegations. An independent investigation found that the league did little to address sexual harassment and other abuses.
6 hours ago
Car bombings in central Somalia claimed the lives of scores of people, including senior regional officials. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack as the government ups its efforts against the terror group.