Wednesday, 29th June 2022

Investing in Women

18 Apr 2019
Investing In Women recently honoured 7 remarkable women at the ‘7 Wonder Women Awards.’ It was a night to remind the world that women have played and continue to play a very vital role in human progress and have a significant place in the society. It was also a night to remind the world, in the words of Guardian Angel editor, Anita Kouassigan, that “you can invest your hopes or emotions in a person. The money, time, or hope is called the investment.”


18 mins ago
A snakebite to the farm owner led German police to finding more than 110 snakes. The woman who was poisoned is in a critical condition in hospital.
2 hours ago
The war in Ukraine and inflation have Germans concerned about their standard of living. Those who have the least are likely to suffer the most.
2 hours ago
Spiking food prices caused by the war in Ukraine are threatening to push more people to the brink of starvation. If G7 countries don't deliver on aid, poorer nations might turn elsewhere.
2 hours ago
South African authorities are investigating the deaths of at least 22 young people found inside a popular tavern in the coastal town of East London, provincial health officials and the presidency said on Sunday.
4 hours ago
It is election season again and some words and terms will be flying around, making you wonder what they really mean. Here are some of these words and their meanings.
4 hours ago
Moscow has failed to meet a deadline for over $40 billion in outstanding debts as Western sanctions squeeze the Russian economy. The Kremlin has downplayed the news, insisting it has enough to pay what it owes.