Sunday, 25th February 2024


3 Feb
The fire broke out at a gas refilling company in the Kenyan capital. More than 200 people have been injured, with at least three deaths, and the toll is expected to rise.
1 Feb
Critically injured Palestinians and foreign passport holders have been allowed to leave Gaza for the first time. Officials say several hundred have entered Egypt through the Rafah border crossing. They are the first to benefit from an agreement brokered by Qatar.
18 Dec
Eight dead, 84 injured in Guinea fuel depot blast
16 Dec
A huge blast at an explosives depot in Seychelles on Thursday injured 66 people and brought down buildings, prompting the country's "shocked" president to declare a state of emergency for much of the day.
2 Nov
Hundreds of people have left Gaza for the first time since the war began, mostly foreign nationals but also dozens of wounded Palestinians. Also, in solidarity with the people of Gaza, Tunisia cancels its oldest cinema showcase, the Carthage film festival. And it's day two of King Charles and Queen Camilla's visit to Kenya. Some say his regrets about Britain's brutal colonial past are not enough.
1 Nov
UNICEF spokesperson Toby Fricker says that the number translates to “420 children being killed or injured every day” and that an immediate humanitarian ceasefire is needed to provide access to life-saving supplies.
26 Oct
A hospital in Maine was on standby on Wednesday after at least 22 people were killed and 50 to 60 wounded in mass shootings in Lewiston, NBC News reported, citing a police source.
26 Sep
German police say 26 officers were among those injured after violence on the sidelines of an Eritrean event in Stuttgart. Tensions run deep within the diaspora over the eastern African nation's polarized politics.
15 Aug 2023
A powerful explosion rocked a gas station in Russia's city of Makhachkala, located in the Caucasian Dagestan region, killing 35 people and injuring 80 others. The explosion, which occurred Monday evening, caused a major fire, which spread to an area of more than 600 square meters (6,458 square feet), region's Governor Sergey Melikov said in a statement.
8 Aug 2023
At least seven people were killed and 67 injured in a Russian nighttime missile strike on a city in Ukraine's eastern region of Donetsk, local authorities said early on Tuesday.
13 Jul 2023
Ten people were injured, six of whom where taken to hospital, but nobody was gored in a dangerous and adrenaline -filled fourth bull run in Pamplona, Spain on Monday, emergency services said.


1 hour ago
The 77 Percent takes a closer look at the African politicians who change the rules to cling to power. As Gambia prepares for elections, tensions are rising among young people on both sides of the political divide.
1 hour ago
At the age of 15, Leonora Messing secretly left her home in Saxony-Anhalt. She’d planned her journey down to the last detail, traveling via Turkey to Syria. She had her heart set on marrying an IS fighter — a man she had never even met before.
1 hour ago
The International Women's Film Festival features 18 films, all made by women. The auditorium of the only cinema in Benin's capital, Cotonou, is filled to capacity. Anyone who arrives late has to sit on the floor.
1 day ago
As tensions escalate in the Gaza Strip, many displaced Palestinians are now gripped with fear about Israeli forces launching a relentless assault on the city of Rafah.
1 day ago
In an interview with FRANCE 24, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said he expected that "regardless of the outcome of the US elections", Washington "will continue to be a committed NATO ally".
1 day ago
Doctors in the U.S. are struggling to contend with burnout, staffing shortages and overwhelming administrative workloads, according to a new survey. Despite these challenges, 83% of doctors in the survey said they believe AI could eventually help. More than 1,000 doctors were surveyed between Oct. 23 and Nov. 8 in the study, commissioned by Athenahealth.