Monday, 4th December 2023


1 day ago
US prosecutors claim an Indian official was behind a plot to assassinate a Sikh activist in New York. Similar accusations had triggered a conflict between India and Canada, but US-India ties are on a different level.
29 Nov
Since the October 7 Hamas attacks, India has become a hub of fake news and Islamophobic content. On social media, as well as on 24-hour news channels, the conflict between Israel and Hamas has inflamed Hindu extremists, venting their hatred of Muslims under the guise of support for Israel.
27 Nov
In India, a lack of guidelines and a gap in the law authorizing the search and confiscation of media professionals' personal digital devices in India has sparked a fierce debate.
26 Nov
A Myanmar rebel offensive that analysts say poses a threat to the miliary junta's grip on power has led to growing concerns about a spillover of tensions into border areas in India's northeast.
20 Nov
Road accidents claim 19 lives every hour in India, according to a government report. The rise in road fatalities shines a spotlight on the government's bleak transport safety policy.
18 Nov
Invited to speak at the Munich Literature Festival, Booker Prize-winning novelist Arundhati Roy cannot travel to Germany, as she faces charges in India over comments she made in 2010.
14 Nov
The construction workers were digging a motorway tunnel, part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's road project. Rescue operations are underway to save those trapped.
10 Nov
Toxic haze blanketed New Delhi this week, raising fears of another public health emergency in the Indian capital, as government agencies warned that pollution levels could worsen over the next few days despite efforts to reduce them.
5 Nov
To mark the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists, we take you to India, where press freedom is increasingly under threat.
4 Nov
At least 13 people have died after two passenger trains collided in southeast India. The country's railway ministry said a preliminary investigation suggested that the crash was a result of "human error."
3 Nov
In India, the idea of live-in relationships is considered a cultural taboo. Despite progressive laws, tradition and morality continue to have an iron grip on how society functions and treats women.
1 Nov
A Qatari court last week handed death sentences to eight Indian employees of a Qatari company on "spying charges," posing a complex diplomatic challenge for India and raising questions about India-Qatar relations.


1 hour ago
The Israeli press celebrates the release of 11 more hostages, as the media in the Arabic world focus on the Gaza ceasefire and release of 33 Palestinian prisoners. Meanwhile, Elon Musk's visit to Israel is met with disgust by one newspaper.
1 hour ago
Kissinger was a contentious figure in US foreign policy, playing a key role during the war in Vietnam, and in solidifying US-China relations, while serving as secretary of state and national security advisor.
6 hours ago
The National Stadium, Surulere, which was once Nigeria's imperial beauty and was built in 1972 by General Yakubu Gowon, has become an abandoned relic as of April 2023.
6 hours ago
Virgin Atlantic's Flight100 landed in New York on Tuesday, making the journey from London without using fossil fuels, thanks to a mix of renewable biomass and waste fats. This "sustainable aviation fuel" reportedly reduces life-cycle emissions by up to 70 percent but still emits CO2, as FRANCE 24's Bryan Quinn explains.
6 hours ago
Household Consumption accounted for the largest share of real Gross Domestic Product at market prices in the first and second quarter of this year according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics. Femi Oladehin, Partner at Àrgentil Capital Partners joins CNBC Africa to unpack the numbers and drivers of inflation in Nigeria.
1 day ago
Tonight we focus on the latest events in Guinea-Bissau. The army maintains order has been restored in Bissau following gun battle between army factions. Violence broke out last night after national guard soldiers freed an opposition minister and continued until Friday morning.