Tuesday, 21st March 2023
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25 May 2022
Three months after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we spoke to French historian Antoine Arjakovsky, a specialist on Ukraine and Russia. He told us that the conflict is a "war of civilisation" between two different visions of the world: Russia, a state that wants to become a "21st-century empire", and the "nation state" of Ukraine. Back before the Russian invasion, when Moscow already controlled Crimea, Arjakovsky gathered with 200 experts. They produced a report in 2019 explaining their fears that Russia would indeed invade the rest of Ukraine – but this warning fell on deaf ears in the West.
11 Nov 2021
He was the last surviving member of the Companions of the Liberation, an elite group of Resistance fighters hand-picked by Charles de Gaulle. Hubert Germain passed away in October at the age of 101. Today, he will be laid to rest at the Mont-Valérien war memorial outside Paris. For many, the passing of Germain marks the end of a chapter in French history and opens a new debate on how to keep the memory of the French Resistance alive. Historian Guillaume Piketty joined us on Perspective to tell us more.
16 Oct 2020
Who are we, and where did we come from? These are the questions Yuval Noah Harari, historian and philosopher, attempts to answer in the first volume of the graphic edition of his bestselling book: “Sapiens, the birth of human kind”. If our guest goes back in time, it’s to help his readers understand the challenges of our present: against the backdrop of the ongoing crisis, the world community needs come up with a global response, and urgently keep its trust in the scientific truth.


1 hour ago
Mercedes and other car manufacturers could now be forced to pay millions in "dieselgate" compensation. Owners can sue if their vehicle was fitted with unlawful defeat devices.
1 hour ago
In March 2020, Paris emptied as the first Covid-19 lockdown was announced. City dwellers fled and sought refuge in the countryside. Three years later, what has become of those Parisians who embarked on a new way of life? And how has the arrival of these "neo-rurals" affected the local landscape? Our team went looking for the answers in the Perche regional park in north-western France, an area where many Parisians have settled.
2 hours ago
How did Real Madrid suffer defeat against Barcelona who were defeated by the same United side that Liverpool humbled 7-0? It is football and we're here to review all of its weekend action for you.
4 hours ago
The White House has said an American aid worker who was kidnapped in the West African nation more than six years ago has been released from custody.
4 hours ago
A Thai court has sentenced a 26-year-old man to two years in jail for selling satirical calendars featuring rubber ducks, which authorities said insulted the king. Inflatable yellow ducks were used as a symbol during pro-democracy protests in 2020.
4 hours ago
The Iranian authorities have promised that whoever is behind the poisoning of Iranian schoolgirls will be mercilessly punished — but the government has lost all credibility with the people.