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Herta Müller

18 Nov
Müller tells the story of a 17-year-old Romanian-born German forced to toil away in a Soviet labor camp to atone for Nazi crimes. Her language is so beautiful it hurts, while bringing readers to their emotional limits.
18 Aug 2023
Herta Müller was persecuted by Romania's communist-era secret police because she dared to write what the authorities didn't want written. She left the country in 1987 and was awarded the Literature Nobel Prize in 2009.


1 day ago
Kacsmaryk in April suspended the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's 2000 approval of the drug, ruling in favor of the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists and others.
1 day ago
This is because they use a great deal less fuel than a typical car of today. Additionally, the ideas of the environmental movement – repair, reuse, and recycle are shared by the classic car movement which means they are well aligned in their methods.
1 day ago
The chancellor can appoint cabinet ministers, but she cannot dismiss judges. The Basic Law divides power among the chancellor, the president, the parliament and other state institutions. The Basic Law also guarantees that Germany is a democracy.
1 day ago
Odysseus remained "in excellent health" as it continued to orbit the moon, about 239,000 miles (384,000 kilometers) from Earth, transmitting flight data and lunar images to Intuitive Machines' mission control center in Houston, the company said Wednesday.
1 day ago
A lack of alternative fuels and desire to save money keeps cruise companies from significantly reducing emissions. Critics say they could do more.
1 day ago
According to a Wall Street Journal report, the US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether ChatGPT creator OpenAI misled investors, after an alleged lack of candour from CEO Sam Altman.