Friday, 8th December 2023


3 Dec
Thailand has welcomed the return of a majority of its citizens who'd been held captive in Gaza, while also observing a minute of silence for the 39 others killed during the October 7 Hamas attacks. Thais made up the largest non-Israeli group among the hostages. In order to recover some of these migrant workers, the government turned to Iran for support. We tell you more.
1 Dec
Humanitarian aid workers from Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross and the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) are the latest victims of the Israel-Hamas disinformation war; their organisations have been accused of supporting either Hamas or Israel in viral videos shared online. We tell you more in this edition of Truth or Fake.
29 Nov
Since the October 7 Hamas attacks, India has become a hub of fake news and Islamophobic content. On social media, as well as on 24-hour news channels, the conflict between Israel and Hamas has inflamed Hindu extremists, venting their hatred of Muslims under the guise of support for Israel.
26 Nov
In the wake of a ban on all activities related to Hamas and the group Samidoun, German authorities have searched numerous properties connected to suspected supporters. What is known about the groups?
25 Nov
The hostage deal, once implemented, will be the first pause in fighting but not end the war. Here is what else you need to know.
25 Nov
The leaders of South Africa, Russia, China, Brazil, India in the BRICS bloc called for Israel and Hamas to "exercise maximum restraint," and urged allied countries to prevent the conflict from expanding.
25 Nov
Children are being affected in devastating ways by the ongoing conflict. Hamas militants killed several children in Israel and abducted over 30. In Gaza, the WHO says a child is being killed every 10 minutes.
25 Nov
Amid domestic debate over the Israel-Hamas conflict, Europe's far-right parties continue to push anti-migrant rhetoric. But like the rest of the political spectrum, they're divided.
22 Nov
We look at reactions in the Israeli papers to the deal between Israeli and Hamas securing the release of dozens of hostages held in the Gaza Strip. We also take a look at the list of Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli prisons who could be released in exchange.
19 Nov
Journalist Hazem Balousha has been reporting from the Gaza Strip since 2012. He was able to escape after nearly a month of struggling with displacement and shortages of water, food and electricity.
19 Nov
The Israeli government has pulled work permits for thousands of Palestinian construction workers in the wake of the Hamas terrorist attack in October. Indian workers might be asked to fill this gap.
12 Nov
Speaking to FRANCE 24 one month after the start of the Israel-Hamas war, Mohammad Shtayyeh, prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, called for "an immediate ceasefire" in Gaza, but said that "the Israelis don't want any ceasefire because today the Israelis are in the mood of revenge".


1 hour ago
Embraced as a modern holiday classic after its release in 2003, British romantic comedy “Love Actually” has since been chided for its lineup of all-heterosexual couples and sexist storylines. FRANCE 24 critic Lisa Nesselson makes an argument for the film's enduring magic, in part thanks to its incredible cast.
1 hour ago
This week, the race for the White House geared up a notch with a new Republican debate. But once again, GOP frontrunner and former president Donald Trump decided not to attend. Just four other Republican candidates are left standing in the run-up to next year's presidential election. We take a closer look.
6 hours ago
For us at The Guardian, where our motto is "Conscience nurtured by Truth," truth is a multifaceted gem, reflecting different realities and lived experiences. Follow our Truthtellers Campaign: a platform amplifying the voices of those whose stories deserve to be heard. Join us on this journey as we explore the diverse tapestry of truth, celebrating the courage and resilience of individuals who share their stories with the world.
6 hours ago
By 1885, Adolf Lüderitz had acquired vast territories in today's Namibia. But his contracts with local people were so dodgy that even German colonial officials doubted them.
6 hours ago
Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola isn't deterred by their recent Premier League form, which has seen them draw three in a row against Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea.
1 day ago
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