Sunday, 10th December 2023


3 days ago
The nationwide strike will likely cause thousands of cancellations and begins at 21:00 GMT on Thursday until the same time on Friday evening.
2 Nov
German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has said that the country's military must become combat-ready quickly. But that will require a major long-term overhaul, and experts doubt that will be easy.
27 Oct
Doing business in Ukraine during the ongoing war is unthinkable for most companies in Germany and elsewhere. But some see opportunities where others see risks, and the German government is supporting their ventures.
12 Oct
A German agency that tackles discrimination and racism says it is quitting the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. It cited a rise in hate speech since owner Elon Musk took over last year.
11 Oct
In this week's music show, we chat with an artist whose voice has been compared to Erykah Badu and who has worked with the likes of Nas, The Roots and Burna Boy. Nigerian-German singer Nneka is back with a new EP called "Back and Forth" – a reflection on the power of self-love. She's also hitting the road and touring around France this autumn.
7 Oct
Over the summer, the German far-right AfD secured its first-ever mayor in a small town in eastern Germany. How should the other parties deal with the rising AfD?
20 Sep
German police searched the homes of suspected extremists from Hammerskins Deutschland. It is the 20th far-right organization in Germany to have been banned to date.
18 Sep
A German newspaper group found that North Rhine-Westphalia, the country's most populous state, saw the most violence against first responders. Experts believe the real number of victims is higher.
2 Sep
Working from home has become established practice in Germany. Coworking, however, is a relatively new concept. Both could breathe new life into areas lacking in infrastructure.
18 Aug
What do students learn about the Nazi era in German schools? DW visited a high school in one of Berlin's most diverse neighborhoods to find out.
8 Aug
A team of German emergency workers is on the ground in Slovenia in the aftermath of severe and deadly flooding. The country's premier says it is the worst natural disaster since Slovenia gained independence in 1991.
28 Jul
The military coup in Niger is another setback for security in the Sahel region – also scuppering German government plans for the deployment of armed forces and for development cooperation.


1 hour ago
The sports drama tells the true story of the inexperienced 1936 University of Washington rowing team which went on to beat Ivy League teams and compete for gold at the Berlin Summer Olympics.
1 hour ago
Climate advocate and former U.S. vice president Al Gore slammed the UAE COP28 climate summit on Sunday, saying the appointment as president of Sultan al-Jaber, a key figure in the oil industry, was an abuse of public trust.
1 hour ago
Sultan al-Jaber has refuted claims he does not believe the world needs to phase out fossil fuels. His comments came after a report in which he claimed development without the use of fossil energy wasn't possible.
2 hours ago
Researchers tested how killfish respond to fasting at different ages. What they found could be transferable to humans.
2 hours ago
We look at how French papers are reacting to the terrorist attack in Paris over the weekend. Much of the focus is on the profile of the assailant, who was on France's terror watchlist and had already served a prison sentence for planning an attack.
2 hours ago
A non-binding referendum in Venezuela has shown overwhelming support for the government's claims to Essequibo, a large swathe of land controlled by neighbouring Guyana. The land dispute between the two countries is over a century old, but heated up back in 2015 with the discovery of oil fields off the coast of Essequibo.