Wednesday, 21st February 2024

French language

4 Nov
The Renaissance-era Villers-CotterĂȘts castle, in France's Picardy region, is now home to the first cultural site in the world dedicated to the French language, a project championed by President Emmanuel Macron. It's a story conveyed with words, art and architecture to pay tribute to a language spoken by some 320 million people across the globe. But is the influence of the French language still growing?
9 Oct
In this edition of Revisited we head to Canada to discover the diversity of the country's French accents and cultures as the use of French in the mainly English-speaking country declines. From Port Royal in Nova Scotia to Toronto via New Brunswick and Quebec, what remains of the 18th-century colony of New France? Our correspondent reports.
19 May 2023
This week we turn the spotlight on perhaps the most French thing of all: the language. If you're learning French, you'll know that it's a complex and rich language that's constantly evolving.


28 mins ago
May 29 is set as the date when South Africa's ruling ANC party will face voters for what may be the first real challenge to its domination of the political landscape. Also, Guinea's ruling junta doubles down on its dissolution of the government by announcing further restrictions.
28 mins ago
A veteran satellite is to make an uncontrolled descent to Earth this week after almost three decades in orbit. But the European Space Agency says debris from the ERS-2 is highly unlikely to hit anyone.
1 hour ago
Over the weekend, Kinshasa accused Rwanda of using a drone to attack a plane at an airport near Goma, in eastern DR Congo. Protesters have now taken to the streets of Goma as tensions escalate.
1 hour ago
The Digital Services Act sets out effective means for all actors in the online ecosystem to counter illegal content, but also illegal goods and services: Users are empowered to report illegal content in an easy and effective way.
4 hours ago
Donald Glover impresses with his millennial remake of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", the 2005 film that launched "Brangelina". A TV series remake of David Nicholls' "One Day", starring the White Lotus' Leo Woodall, is hailed for its delicate portrayal of love and grief.
4 hours ago
After several Arab-Israeli wars, Egypt was the first Arab state to recognize Israel diplomatically in 1979 with the signing of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty. It was followed by Jordan with the Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty (1994). In 2020, four more Arab states (the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan) normalized relations.