Saturday, 2nd March 2024


31 Oct
The largest US auto workers union and carmaker Ford have agreed to terms on a new contract that will see a 25 percent wage increase over four years. This means picketers will return to work at Ford's plants, but strikes at General Motors and Stellantis will continue. Also in this edition, we see how ad sales have boosted Meta's revenue and how the "Barbie" movie helped toymaker Mattel get out of a sales slump.


42 mins ago
If you've ever loved and lost a pet, you may have dreamt of being able to bring it back to life. In China, where animal cloning is legal, this already possible. Several companies offer cloning services to pet owners, using the DNA of the dead animal to create a new pet that's very much like the old one.
42 mins ago
Online shopping platform Temu has taken much of the world by storm. It has gained huge market share, but one of the major challenges is turning the hype into profits.
42 mins ago
In an emotional speech, Yulia Navalnaya told the European Parliament that it was time for the world to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin's close circle, galvanize opposition and see to a "Russia of the future."
1 hour ago
Barefoot and with a wild mane of dreadlocks, Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu a.k.a. Wanlov the Kubolor, uses music to defend the LGBTQ+ community. His unique style and unusual sound attract a lot of criticism, but the LGBTQ+ ally keeps fighting for equality.
1 hour ago
As Paris's Louvre raises its prices, and as prior reservations become increasingly common, we take a look at how to make the most of French museums. We also discuss whether they should be free or not, and we discover some quirky spots to visit too.
2 hours ago
Farmers are taking to the streets again to protest the government's handling of its agricultural sector. With elections coming up, farmers, who account for nearly half of India's workforce, could put a damper on the BJP.