Wednesday, 21st February 2024

fake news

14 Feb
Not content with simply creating and spreading fake news, anti-Ukraine trolls are now also using a new disinformation tactic: a method dubbed "Operation Matryoshka" (or Russian doll), which has been exposed by the "Bot Blocker" collective and AFP fact checkers. It is designed to divert the attention of journalists and muddy the waters of information even more. We take a closer look.
10 Feb
Jakarta (AFP) – On a typical workday, Vinanda Febriani starts her morning in Indonesia scrolling on her phone. But her goal is slightly different than most Gen Zers -- she is scanning for disinformation posts.
23 Jan
Democrats have a higher success rate than Republicans in spotting fake news, a recent study suggests. It also shows that education level and gender play a crucial role in the ability to distinguish true from false news.
28 Oct
Since October 7, social media has been flooded with imagery claiming to show violence and clashes abroad linked to pro-Palestinian rallies. This comes as some European countries have already banned demonstrations in support of the Palestinians. In this edition of Truth or Fake, Vedika Bahl debunks some viral disinformation that may be encouraging a harmful narrative.
12 Apr 2023
Viral photos appear to show a beached shark in the United States being rescued by local residents. But that is what the social media posts want people to think. The photos are actually fake, generated by artificial intelligence software, and their creator seemingly wants to take advantage of the confusion. We tell you more in this edition of Truth or Fake.
11 Mar 2023
Since February 4th when the "Chinese spy balloon" was shot down in American airspace, several videos have emerged claiming to show "unidentified flying objects" in many international skies. We spoke to a UFO and sky anomalies expert about how Beijing's balloon sparked this type of misinformation, in this edition of Truth or Fake with Vedika Bahl.


1 hour ago
Find these stories and much more when you grab a copy of The Guardian on Thursday.
4 hours ago
The UEFA Champions League returns this midweek with heavyweight matches between Spanish and Italian teams SSC Napoli and Barcelona FC. Ayomide Sotunbo previews the game on this edition of The Nutmeg on Guardian TV.
7 hours ago
Aceh is a staunchly conservative province of Indonesia and the only region in the world's most populous Muslim country that implements the Islamic law, Shariah.
7 hours ago
The government will unveil its latest economic forecasts for 2024 on Wednesday, with media reports suggesting a sharp downgrade to a mere 0.2 percent growth. In its autumn projections, the government was still expecting output to expand by 1.3 percent.
9 hours ago
May 29 is set as the date when South Africa's ruling ANC party will face voters for what may be the first real challenge to its domination of the political landscape. Also, Guinea's ruling junta doubles down on its dissolution of the government by announcing further restrictions.
9 hours ago
A veteran satellite is to make an uncontrolled descent to Earth this week after almost three decades in orbit. But the European Space Agency says debris from the ERS-2 is highly unlikely to hit anyone.