Friday, 23rd February 2024


17 Feb
The man who might be back in the White House next year, Donald Trump, has caused huge alarm in Europe by saying that he might let Russia "do whatever the hell they want" against NATO allies that do not contribute enough to collective defence.
7 Feb
NATO generals are bracing themselves for an increased risk of war with Russia and are calling for investment in deterrence. Ukraine may benefit from this as well.
3 Feb
So what's the deal? No sooner had an emergency EU summit began that Hungary lifted its objections to a €50 million lifeline for Ukraine. The aid is vital for a country whose support from Washington is currently frozen. So what did Viktor Orban get in return?
3 Feb
Farmers have been blocking motorways and protesting across Europe – in France, Germany and Romania, and even in the European district of Brussels, where they have besieged institutions.
3 Feb
In the run-up to February 7 presidential elections, repression has increased in Azerbaijan, a former Soviet republic in the Caucasus that borders Iran and Armenia. Any opposition to President Ilham Aliyev is silenced.
31 Jan
The WHO is sounding the alarm. The UN health agency is warning of a massive resurgence of measles cases in the Europe region, extending to Central Asia. Elsewhere too, the numbers of cases are skyrocketing. The primary cause is a decline in vaccination rates since the Covid-19 pandemic. FRANCE 24's Julia Sieger tells us more.
29 Jan
Opinion polls and political pundits agree that Donald Trump has a real chance of winning back the White House. For many in Europe, this is a troubling scenario.
28 Jan
Almost 3.5 million Jews lived in Poland before World War II. Now, eight decades after the Holocaust, about 20,000 people there have Jewish roots.
28 Jan
Their tractors have been bearing down on Europe's capitals. From Berlin to Bucharest, Warsaw to Brussels, farmers venting their fury with margins squeezed by inflation and big distributors who drive down market prices in the name of protecting consumers’ pocketbooks.
22 Jan
More migrants have died at the Moroccan-Spanish border this year than ever before. Human rights activists are calling the Moroccan border guards criminals.
19 Jan
In 2024, the Charlemagne Prize will be awarded to Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of the European Rabbinical Conference and Jewish communities in Europe. The prize honors work done in the service of European unification.
31 Dec
Poverty is set to be one of the key issues dominating the 2024 European elections. The EU is home to 95 million people who live below the poverty line – that is, who live on less than 60 percent of the median income for their country. In all, that's one in five Europeans who live at risk of social exclusion.


3 hours ago
The Al Kuwait, a ship carrying 19,000 cattle docked in Cape Town Harbour since Sunday (February 18) has been the cause of a lingering stench prompting residents to complain.
3 hours ago
Tunisian wheat farmer Hasan Chetoui is seeking inspiration from the deep past as he tries to adapt to drought caused by climate change, sowing old wheat varieties that he hopes will produce crops throughout the year.
1 day ago
In the last ten years, the number of Catholic churches across Germany has been dwindling. What does this mean for the faithful?
1 day ago
If the United Nations agency responsible for aiding Palestinians collapses from lack of funding, the economic and political impact will be felt far beyond Gaza.
1 day ago
A German bank is making negative headlines for its investments in US commercial property. While many European banks have avoided these assets on a grand scale, Deutsche Pfandbriefbank has embraced them. What comes next?
1 day ago
The leader of Pakistan's parliamentary kingmaker party has said a coalition government will go ahead, with key posts expected to be filled within days.